All in Detail About Different Variants of New Holland 4710 Tractor

All in Detail About Different Variants of New Holland 4710 Tractor

New Holland Agriculture is the World’s leading brand for the farm equipment sector. New Holland Tractor starts its operations in India in 1998 along with the launch of its first 70 HP tractor in the Indian market.

Since then, it has tasted unequaled success with more than 300,000 tractors sold in numerous applications across India and overseas markets.

New Holland currently offers a technologically superior range of 35 HP to 90 HP tractors in India.

New Holland Tractor India Price list always created with the considering the small farmers of India, the company makes sure that the best solutions for Indian agriculture at affordable prices.

New Holland offers the most advanced range of mechanization solutions to Indian farmers for enhancing crop productivity and profitability.
New Holland Agriculture always offers amazing tractors to Indian farmers at affordable prices.

One of the best tractors of New Holland Excel 4710 Tractor India has a special place in the Indian market. Here we are going to discuss the different variants of the New Holland 4710 Tractor Model in detail.

New Holland Excel 4710 2WD –

This is one standard model of New Holland 4710 tractor. 3-cylinder engine and 2700 displacement cc provide New Holland 4710 HP is 47 HP, which makes it powerful enough for work in all agricultural work.

New Holland 4710 Excel 2WD price is more affordable for Indian marginal farmers. Air cleaner along with oil bath pre-cleaner save the maintenance cost for this tractor model.

A fully Constant-mesh transmission system available in this model helps in better performance.

Single or dual-clutch both the options available in this tractor, farmers can choose according to their choice. Independent PTO lever available in this tractor model helps in the comfortable working with PTO.

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New Holland Excel 4710 Paddy Special 4WD –

This is the best Tractor in New Holland Tractors Models. New Holland tractor India introduced their Excel range in 2018 along with the moto drive the future.

This Tractor is available in 47 HP range with 8+8 gears with the synchro shuttle gearbox. This is the New Holland 4710 Paddy Special new model specially designed for the puddling operations in the paddy field.

Airflow technology in the single bonnet available in this model helps to keep the engine cool for long span agricultural operations.

CAT eye headlamps available in this model helps in night farm operations. PTO lever helps in easy operations with PTO operator implements like Rotavator. In that of pudding, Rotavator plays an important role and Rotavator Operations totally depend on PTO.

The best PTO HP and Eptraa PTO with 7 Speeds help to operate Rotavator in the muddy field for puddling operations in the paddy field. New Holland 4710 Paddy mileage make sure that the tractor should be affordable to the Indian marginal farmers.

New Holland 4710 WITH CANOPY 2WD –

This is the New Holland 4710 Variant specially designed for unbeatable safety and comfort. As per its name this tractor equipped with durable frame fiber canopy, which assures safety in all seasons.

Automatically helps the operator for long time tillage operations with great comfort, which enhances productivity. This is New Holland 4710 with canopy new model variant available with 16-speed options which make it operable for agriculture operations like plowing, harrowing, puddling, etc.

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New Holland Excel 4710 RED –

Not only the RED paint color but also some excellent features make this tractor different from other New Holland tractors models. This is a 47 HP ranger tractor model available in two variants – New Holland Excel 4710 RED 2WD and New Holland Excel 4710 4WD.

4WD tractor help to reduce slippage issue during wetland agricultural operations. This RED tractor equipped with a double-acting spool valve which helps in excellent hydraulic work.

According to farmers’ review, this tractor model is best in mileage. Detailed Specifications listed at the new tractor page.

Conclusion –

New Holland Tractors always provides the best farm solutions to Indian farmers. All the above mentioned New holland tractor models available at with On-Road Pricelist.

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