Best Khedut Implements In India

Best Khedut Implements In India

Khedut implements brand is the agriculture brand that produces the best quality products for agriculture purposes. Khedut provides the best solution to the farmers in providing the mechanized implements by ensuring higher yield, for manufacturing the finest quality of products.

Khedut manufacturers the products keeping in mind for those whole ensures the high yielding of fields, build land, transform and enrich the land. 

Khedut is the best harvesting implements brand in India that is suitable for producing wide varieties of implements and agriculture farm products. Also, the company deals in producing the latest varieties of mechanisms for the use of agriculture purposes.

Khedut mainframes for the varieties of agriculture products with advanced technology, ensure higher yield, reduce labor cost, and the best deal for various harvesting purposes.

Khedut company produces excellent quality raw materials for the operation in agriculture farming for various purposes. But, there is remarkable products service in the field known for innovation, excellence, outstanding performance, etc. Khedut is the complete farm mechanization solution for the seeder manufacturers.

Why Choose Khedut Implements?

  • Khedut Implements are the best quality products.
  • Khedut Implements believes in innovation in products.
  • Khedut Implements come at affordable prices.
  • Khedut Implements produces implements from tillage to sowing and harvesting.
  • Khedut provides an easy product service. 

Categories Of Implements That Comes Under Khedut

Khedut farm and implement brand industry produce a wide range of products for the benefit of the farmers to enable the requirements of the farmers. Let us discuss the different categories Of Khedut Implements:

Tillage Implements

What is the main purpose of tillage?

Tillage has the main purpose in agriculture from preparing a seedbed preparation to eliminate the weed growth, for the better improvement of conditions of soil, and many more for the best operating activity in farming Khedut produces the specific implement models some of them are:

Mounted Disc Plough – Mounted Disc Plough implement by Khedut is fabricated with international design, mechanism and helps the farmers to provide quality tillage products to work with it. Khedut Mounted Disc Plough can work easily with all types of soil conditions such as soil raising, soil turning, breaking of soil, turning, and mixing of soil. 

Disc Harrow – Khedut produces three ranges of Disc Harrows for the easy functioning of the farming activity. Some of the categories of Disc Harrow are- Hydraulic Heavy Duty Disc Harrow, Mounted Offset Cum Trailed Disc Harrow, Trailed Disc Harrow.. All these categories of products are easy for the tillage system.

Mounted Offset Disc Harrow is superb for tillage and functions easily at the aeration of the soil. The next implement Mounted offset cum Trailed Disc Harrow is good to work in the open farm working for excellent performance at ploughing, preparation of soil, etc. Hydraulic Heavy Duty Disc Harrow implement by Khedut implement brand works, especially in tough soil conditions with an easy facilitating of farming activity. 

 Rotary Tillers – Rotary Tillers by Khedut are Tractor-mounted implements. These are categorized into three different segments named Khedut Mini Rotary Tiller, Rotary Tiller (zyrovator), and heavy-duty rotary tillers, etc.

Discussing, the Mini Rotary Tillers is suitable for a lower HP range of tractors, suitable for small farmers at economical options for cultivation or pudding. Khedut Rotary Tiller Zyrovator performs three different tasks at a time like mixing, cutting, and leveling. Khedut Heavy Duty Rotary Tillers are suitable for better performance on hard soil. For better pulverization, a heavy-duty rotary tiller is best in performance. 

Cultivator – Cultivator is the best source of farming used as cultivation. Khedut cultivators are the best implement machines that are used for tough soil operation.

Khedut cultivators are designed in different categories and models for the use of agriculture farming such as Spring Cultivator, Rigid Cultivator, Row Crop Cultivators, etc. Khedut Cultivator KARC-13 is the perfect implement model for the use of agriculture farming. 

Chisel Plough – Khedut Chisel Plough is the best suitable for the cultivation of the soil 

As per needing plow in the field after harvesting. It is also good at loosening and aerating the soil.

MB Plough – Khedut MB Plough is widely used by farmers for ploughing. It is ideal to work at all levels of soil conditions like soil breaking, soil turning, and soil raising, etc. 

Sowing Implements

Sowing implements are the best machines ideal for farming in agriculture. Khedut Sowing implements are suitable for sowing seeds into the rows and also suitable for sandy soil. Some machines are also good for fertilization purposes. Khedut Produces different kinds of Sowing implements such as Manual Seeder, Tractor Operated Seed Drill, Rice Transplanter, Mini Tiller Operated Seed Drill, etc. 

Harvesting Implements

Harvesting implements are the best implements machines ideal for harvesting purposes. There are different kinds of harvesting implements suitable for different purposes in agriculture farming. Some of the specific harvesting categories such as Reaper, Tractor Tipping Trailer, Tractor Operated Groundnut Digger, Reaper Binder, etc.

Let us begin with the categories of harvesting implements for the usage of several purposes in the field.


Khedut Reaper is the diesel operating harvesting machine that is ideal for harvesting, windrowing oilseeds crops, and cereals. The machine is operated with the tires and is suitable in different fields of mountains, hilly areas, plains, slopping and upland fields, etc.

Reaper Binder

Khedut Reaper Binder is a multi-functional operating harvesting machine suitable for reaping crops. Reaper Binder machine is primarily suitable for low stem crops to functions in different fields.

Tractor Operated Groundnut Digger

Khedut tractor-operated groundnut digger is the best harvesting machine to operate especially for groundnut digging. It functions easily under the soil. Tractor Operated Groundnut Digger is ideal for tractor attachments with a 35-55 HP range of tractors.

Tractor Tipping Trailer

Khedut Tipping Trailer is designed with special features, classic design, made up of water-proof hubs, steel tube axles, simple tipping that costs low for transportation purposes.

Crop Protection Implements 

Khedut brand produces different kinds of crop implements to prevent the crops from pests, insecticides, and harmful effects from agriculture. Khedut best crop implement products are found in the parts of Fertilizer pump, sprayer pump, mini-tiller, Cono weeder, etc.  

Popular Khedut Implement Models

There are different ranges of implements suitable for preparing different kinds of work in agriculture farming. Some of the popular Khedut Implement models are:

Khedut Disc Plough 2 Bottom–  Disc Plough 2 Bottom by Khedut is the best implement model for tillage purposes. It is fabricated with an international design and is suitable to work in all levels of soil for different functions. This implement is ideal for tractors ranging from 41-50 HP. 

Khedut Mould Board Plough 3×3 Furrow– Khedut Mould Board Plough 3×3 Furrow implement model is ideal for tillage and retrofitted with a 41-50 HP range of tractors. Such kinds of implements are ideal for all kinds of soil.

Khedut Rotary Tiller 5 Ft – Khedut Rotary Tiller 5 Ft is the implemented model that comes under the tillage category. Khedut Rotary Tiller 5 Ft is suitable with the tractor attachments to 31-40 HP range of tractors. 

Khedut Seed Drill Tractor Operated 13 Row – Khedut Seed Drill is a tractor-mounted operating machine is suitable for tractors attachment with 41-50 HP range. Such implement is ideal for sowing different seeds in one operation. 

Khedut Rotary Tiller 3 Ft– Khedut Rotary Tiller 3 FT is the perfect Rotary Tiller model that is suitable for tractor attachments like 31-40 HP range of tractors. It is the perfect tractor-mounted Rotary Tiller. 

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