Future of The Farmers Rise In 50 HP Tractor

Future of The Farmers Rise In 50 HP Tractor

The tractor industry plays a vital role in the agricultural sector. Though there are different tractor brands that are focusing on the essential features of the tractor and becoming a leading company in the world.

There is impressive news come around by the tractor industry that for the growth of the farmers, the government and tractor brand companies putting an effort in producing high horsepower engine tractors for farmers use in an agricultural region.

According to the survey, due to the massive conditions of Covid-19, the tractor industry has been good enduring in last year due to several factors like the good monsoon, robust rabi harvest, better farm income, etc.

The tractor companies have expressly generated a profit on market share.
Also, the tractors between the range of 41 HP to 50 HP are in the drive for superior performance, high mileage, for both farm and non-farm agricultural operations.

41HP to 50HP Tractors

The company’s market share on domestic tractor sales grew to 50.8% between 41HP to 50HP tractors. There is an increase in mechanization levels on 50 HP tractors in the states like Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana, and many more parts of the country.

Farmers chose the higher efficiency tractors that higher in performance, effective fuel efficiency for longer working hours. According to the farmer’s point of view tractors with 50 HP are reliable and easy to operate.

These tractors are also good for carrying farm implements, used for both agricultural and domestic purposes.

The tractor industry always produces tractors by keeping in mind the for the marginal and small farmers’.Farmers are the greatest purchaser of tractors. So, the companies also focusing on tractor prices. 8% of industry sales emission tractors are applicable to above 50 HP tractors. Watch top 10 tractor in 41 to 50 HP

If we talk about the world’s largest company Mahindra and Mahindra the company produces the next generation tractors like the Novo, Jivo, and Yuvo, and in the current scenario M&M 41 HP to 50 HP tractors are in the highest demand and more than 40% market share hold by the company.

Tractor companies are focusing on the highest demand for tractors between 41 Hp to 50 HP with the purpose of making farmers’ working easy and useful for multipurpose tasks.

Escorts group companies also focused on launching the highest power engine tractors. The Farmtrac Powermix series are launched by the company between the range of 47 HP to 55 HP tractors.

Tractors with the highest power engine tend to continuously increase in the demand by the farmers. The share of cost premium is likely to be increased by Rs 1 lac to Rs 1.5 Lac. For farmers, the highest power engine is good for high scale performance.

The brand companies like Mahindra and Mahindra, Escorts, John Deere, Sonalika, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson tractor produce the tractor range of above 40 HP.

Why 41 HP to 50 HP tractor are high in demand

According to the farmers, need the tractors, a company focused on developing high-quality tractors with special features, to perform various task operations in one unit. The tractors with a wide range of 41 HP to 50 HP is known for greater efficiency, more output results.

The features that attract these wide range tractors include a robust design, power steering, oil-immersed brakes for the smooth functioning of the tractor, best mileage, etc. The company also provided a warranty of 2 years or five years in this wide variety of 41 HP to 50 HP tractors.

These tractors are produced with the high-tech technology product mix with international style features. These tractors are widely suitable for carrying farm implements like rotavator, cultivator, Plough, seed driller, harvester, planter, etc.

If we talk about the high range tractors price so it varies from region to region. In the upcoming tractors with 41 HP to 50 HP, there will be an increment of cost premium rates. Also, the government is making an effort to provide this wide range of tractors at affordable prices to the farmers.

Thus, we can say that tractor with 41 HP to 50 HP performs various tasks carrying heavy hydraulic lifting capacity and good for agricultural farmland.

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