Electric Power Tiller: Next Step Towards Modern Agriculture

Electric Power Tiller: Next Step Towards Modern Agriculture

Agribusiness has been a fundamental part of the human environment. Traditional cultivating strategies require a lot of human effort and are extremely tedious.

Tilling is one of the most concentrated tasks in farming. Manual tiling of fields is highly efforts required while tractors bring about high capital alongside substantial fuel utilization costs.

Power Tiller: Walking Tractor for Marginal Indian Farmers 

Power Tiller broadly utilized for turning or rotating development in wet puddle soil. For Indian marginal farmers, a Power Tiller is the most ideal decision. It replaces the animal efforts more successfully and helps to reduce efforts for human work. It is a machine gathered with a 1.5 HP motor and planned as such to push forward or in reverse different farming gear.

Power Tiller can play out the activities of various agricultural implements like rotavator, puddler, leveller, trailers, harrow and harvester. One of the main elements of Power Tiller is that it readies an exact cultivated for the yield to be planted and warms the soil prior to planting by covering its ruminant into it. By controlling weeds, it helps in the appropriate development of the harvests. 

Role of Power Tiller in Agriculture-

A Power Tiller is a two-wheeled horticultural carry outfitted with revolving turners that give smooth protection from all farm exercises. Truth be told, it has various utilizations and benefits. Power Tiller helps in setting up the soil, planting seeds, sowing seeds, adding and showering the composts, herbicides and water.

Notwithstanding it likewise helps in siphoning water, reaping, sifting and moving yields. A power Tiller is ideal where the farmland has a small area. In terrace farming in India Power Tillers are exceptionally valuable. Subsequently in a difficult landscape likewise it is for sure an astute decision.

It is a farm machine that is for the most part used to develop the land. It works adequately as it can turn around and cut soil all the while. As far as upkeep, it is less expensive and prudent to utilize and likewise requires less space.

How Power Tiller Significant for Agriculture –

This is to be a superior choice for farmers. One observable place of Power Tiller is that whether marginal farmers, it can utilize by everybody. To put it plainly, it is as of now doing all that is fundamental and significant for agribusiness.

It has made agribusiness reachable to farmers by decreasing the requirement for tractors and rotavators. It has turned into an irreplaceable need for horticulture.

The Power Tiller is exceptionally simple to utilize. It simply should be adjusted, and it drives consequently. It had made conceivable the collecting of each sort of yield.

These not just further developed soil air circulation, dispense with weeds, keep up with soil dampness levels, invigorates the microorganisms to turn out to be more dynamic yet foster the arrangement of supplements in the soil.

All things considered, Power Tiller is a conspicuous venture. It helps the farmers by creating incomes as the appropriation is less. More endeavours ought to be done as such that this agreeable hardware might get the right acknowledgement and position in the farming scene.

Power Tillers have made the existence of the farming community a lot simpler and advantageous.

Electric Power Tiller –

This minimal expense versatile battery charged electric power turner machine is a one-stop present-day solution for improving the traditional agribusiness strategies for cultivating, as it diminishes the human exertion, at an entirely irrelevant value utilizing mechanized ploughing component.

The electric power tiller decreases the time and cost associated with tilling utilizing a brilliant versatile plan accordingly expanding the usefulness and effectiveness in farming.

Electric Power Tiller Benefits-

  • Programmed Operation
  • Battery Powered No Fuel Needed
  • Versatile and simple to work
  • Decreases Tilling time

Power Tiller Company in India – 

  • Southern Agro Engines Power Tillers
  • Bull Agro Power Tillers
  • VST Shakti Power Tillers
  • KMW Kirloskar Power Tillers
  • Kubota Power Tillers
  • KAMCO Limited Power Tillers

Electric Power Tiller in India – 


VST Shakti 95 DI IGNITO POWER TILLER is India’s first electric power tiller machine with a 9 HP engine launched to fulfil the requirements of the small and marginal farmers who indulge in more than 80% of the farming community in India.

To enhance productivity and due to the shortage of labour, the demand for farm mechanization implements is increasing day by day in India. This power tiller is launched for the benefit of the small and marginal farmers in India.


  • It is an eco-friendly turner machine.
  • A native power turner is an electric starter.
  • It builds effectiveness and efficiency.
  • It is most popular for weeding, managing cultivating, plantations, and nurseries.
  • Its activity is simple and works proficiently in the fields.
  • Power turner utilized for development, planting, weeding, and culturing.

Power turner utilizes in Sugarcane cultivating, Rice development, Wheat cultivating, and Paddy development so, electric power tillers are the best solution for Indian farmers.

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