Let’s make a Digital India!

Let’s make a Digital India!

Digital India : Being an agricultural country, India is one of the largest producers of various Agri Yields. As far as population is concerned, India is second largest country in the whole world. India has got a huge ‘Young’ manpower, still we stand in the queue of developing country across the world. This is simply because lesser use of technology in the most important sector of country, viz., Agriculture!
India got independence in 1947 and very soon in early 1960’s we witnessed our first green revolution which led to the extra ordinary increments in the quality & quantity of Agro yields. India firmly stood as a strong competitor across the world’s farming industry. But at the same time countries like America , Russia, China were preparing hard to become a giants in technology sector. They sent their spaceships to Moon, Mars in the same era when India was struggling to fulfill its own requirement of basic needs such as food, shelter & clothes.
In 1991, after the economic reforms in India, our economy decided to make an expansion by adopting the policy of globalization. Hence, technology that was being implemented worldwide, entered diversely into India. Many mainstream industries adopted the new changes due to globalization as soon as possible but somewhere we failed to provide extra attention to the farming industry which actually is the most important sector in Indian economy as far as the financial turn overs are concerned. Despite the fact that almost 70 % of the Indian population is financially dependent on farming industry, we have paid very less attention towards the implementation of technology in farming sector. We must, at fullest, give attention towards the progress of farming sector now, if we want to survive in this competitive era. Though the picture right now is not so pessimistic but still there is a lot of scope for the progression!
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