Best Rice Crop Varieties for Upcoming Kharif Season in India: Features, Productivity and Suitable Area for Cultivation.

Best Rice Crop Varieties for Upcoming Kharif Season in India: Features, Productivity and Suitable Area for Cultivation.

Best Rice Crop

Rice Crop : Rice can grow under different ecosystems and atmospheric conditions. In India, about 946 varieties of rice have been developed for cultivation in different atmospheric zones. Perfect rice variety is very important for high production.

Rice Crop : Perfect irrigation system, fertilizers, light, space, and temperature are the basic requirement for harvesting high yields from these rice varieties. Here are some rice varieties available for Indian farmers, just have a look.

Best Rice Varieties for Cultivation in India


It is an early maturing variety that requires only 90 -95 days for maturing. This variety of rice can perfectly grow inland of Odisha and Chhotanagpur plateau.

Short statured (95-110 cm) genotype of this variety has tolerance to drought and soil acidity. Long gains and resistance against brown spots are the special features of this variety. This Variety has an average productivity of 3.5 t/ha. 


It is an early term and short-statured well-known rice variety appropriate for bunded upland and rainfed upland. It is developed in 2008 for the dry season of Jharkhand and Maharashtra state.

It has short striking grains. It is respectably impervious to brown spot, nerve midge, white-backed planthopper. It is perfect for direct cultivated development in upland. 


It is an early term, predominate statured (85-90 cm) profoundly dry spell resilience famous rice variety.

It is developed in 2008 by Jharkhand. It bears brilliant husked long intense grains and has normal efficiency of 3.8 – 4.5 t/ha. It is impervious to leaf impact and moderates impervious to brown spot.


It is an early length (105-110 days) rice variety, developed in 2012 for cultivation in dry season inclined space of state Odisha. It has medium-thin grains and resistance to glume staining. It has a normal efficiency of 2.8 t/ha under the dry spell and 4.7 t/ha under great conditions. It shows protection from significant irritations viz., yellow stem drill, leaf envelope, whorl parasite and moderate impervious to leaf impact, rice tungro infection, white-backed planthopper. 

CR Dhan 200  

It is a mid-early span (115-120 days) rice variety appropriate for water restricting/vigorous conditions and developed in 2011 for development in Odisha.

It has short intense grains and develops with normal efficiency of 4.0 t/ha. It is reasonably impervious to leaf impact, neck impact, brown spot, impact, yellow stem drill, and leaf envelope. 


It is 120 days rice variety appropriate for a flooded environment. It was developed in 2000 for cultivation in the state of West Bengal. It bears brilliant quality long slim grains and has a normal efficiency of 4.0-5.0 t/ha. This rice variety is reasonably impervious to bacterial leaf scourge.


It is a mid-early span (115-120 days) semi-predominate (105cm) rice variety perfect for upland and watered environment. It is delivered and advised for development in Odisha, West Bengal, Tripura, and Andhra Pradesh.

It has medium intense grains with normal productivity of 4.0-5.0 t/ha in Kharif and 5.0-6.0 t/ha in the Rabi season.


It is a medium-term semi dwarf-statured famous hybrid rice variety, seedling stage cold resistance, and perfect for watered and Boro environment. It is perfect for cultivation in Odisha and Assam. It has great quality long slim grains with normal productivity of 7.0-7.5 t/ha. It has the ability to endure stem drill, brown planthopper, leaf blast, bacterial leaf curse. 


It is a medium-length short-statured hybrid rice variety, developed in 2008 for development under inundated and shallow swamp region in the province of Odisha.

It has long slim grains with a normal efficiency of 5.0-6.0 t/ha. This rice variety has a lower number of turners along these lines suggested for close transplanting. Best Kubota Rice Transplanters are available at KhetiGaadi at an affordable price. 


It is a mid-early length semi-dwarf, hybrid rice variety delivered and advised for flooded space of Odisha. It has long thin grains with normal productivity of 5.0-6.0 t/ha. It shows obstruction against leaf impact, nerve midge, leaf envelope and decently impervious to sheath decay, tungro infection, brown spot. 

Improved Lalat

It is a medium span (130 days), semi-dwarf rice variety, developed in 2012 for development under bacterial leaf curse prone area of Odisha.

It has great quality long slim grains with higher head rice recovery with a normal efficiency of 4.5-5.0 t/ha. It has extra obstruction against bacterial leaf curse in this manner it is a conceivable substitute of old high yielding and famous variety Lalat.

It is additionally safe against nerve midge and modestly impervious to stem drill, leaf impact, sheath decay, and rice tungro infection. 

CR Dhan 300

It is a medium late length (140 days) variety as of late delivered for development inundated/shallow swamp space of state Odisha, Bihar, Gujrat, and Maharashtra.

It has long slim grains with normal productivity of 5.0-5.5 t/ha. It is impervious to steam drill, and rice whorl worm.

Above mentioned all varieties are high yield, disease resistance, and perfect varieties of rice for the Indian agriculture sector.

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