Exclusive interview with Mr.Raman Mittal, Executive Director, SOLIS – Khetigaadi, Tractor Industry.

Namaskar and welcome back to Khetigaadi Agritalk. It is our endeavour to bring thoughts and insights from industry leaders and this time we ahi a young and dynamic leader Mr. Raman Mittal, Executive Director SOLIS. We met Mr. Mittal during 28th Kisan Mela in Pune. It was the occasion where the world renowned brand SOLIS launched in India in collaboration with Yanmar to introduce next generation Japanese technology driven tractors in Farm Automation space, the company also showcased its newly launched 4WD range of solis tractors in different HP category. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Mittal lets understand Impact of technology on Indian Farmers, How SOLIS will offer best technology at best price, Farmers response to implements and tractor technology and future plans for partnerships in the Indian market.

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