Exclusive interview with John Deere India Top Management – Khetigaadi, Tractor Industry India

Namaskar and welcome back to Khetigaadi Agritalk. Known for their core values of Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Innovation, they have been delivering farm mechanisation solutions to the Indian market form last 20 years. With a philosophy With India for India John Deere leader in Agriculture innovation recently celebrated 20 years of success in the Indian market. With three state of the art manufacturing plants in India, John Deere also achieved a milestone of manufacturing 1lac tractors per year. On the occasion John Deere also launched a new 4wd 3028E tractor model offering advance technology and features for orchard and paddy farming. With a powerful intent of making a difference and empowering farmers lets understand how John Deere is contributing to farming community with initiatives and agri entrepreneurship, solution for small and marginal farmers, importance and need of custom hiring centres, current scenario of farm mechanisation industry in India, its future and Indian stands in mechanisation compare to world and how John Deere is one stop solution for farmers.

In an exclusive interview with industry stalwarts Mr. Satish Nadiger, MD, John Deere and Mr. Mukul Varshney, Director Pubic affairs.

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