HP : 60 HP
No. of cylinder : 3

John Deere 5060E 4WD Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • Engine HP : 60 HP
  • Drive : 4WD
  • No. of cylinder : 3

John Deere launched this 5060E 4WD tractor for those farmers who are passionate about their work. This 60 HP tractor comes with 3 Cylinders. It has a Rotary FIP feature which is convenient for the driver. John Deere 5060 4WD comes with Turbocharged functionality. If we talk about the lifting capacity of 5060 E 4WD then, John Deere 5060 E 4WD is able to lift 1800 kg.

The oil Immersed brakes system is fitted with the 5060 E 4WD. This model comes with a dry-type air filter. John Deere 5060 4WD has 9 forward and 3 reverses collar shifts. This tractor has the ability to generate high torque. Because of RPM John Deere is able to reduce its noise and vibrations.

If we talk about the price then John Deere 5060 E 4WD tractor starts with 8.90 Lac. If you are interested to know about John Deere 5060 4WD on road price then contact Khetigaadi executives.

John Deere 5060 4WD Features

  • This 60 HP tractor comes with 3 Cylinders
  • Comes with Turbocharged functionality
  • Able to lift 1800 kg.
  • 4WD wheel drive mode.
  • It has 9 forward and 3 reverses collar shifts

John Deere 5060 4WD Specifications

Tractor Specifications

HP Category

60 HP

Engine Capacity


Engine Rated RPM

2400 RPM

No of Cylinder

3 Cylinder

Brake Type

Oil Immersed Disc Brakes

Steering Type

Power Steering

PTO Power

51.0 HP



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