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Sonalika TIGER 47

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HP Category : 50 HP
Displacement CC in : 3065 CC
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Max PTO (HP) : 540/ Reverse HP
Gear Box Type : 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Price : 7.5 Lakh - 7.75 Lakh

Sonalika TIGER 47 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 50 HP
  • 2WD
  • 3065 CC
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 540/ Reverse HP
  • 12 Forward + 12 Reverse

Sonalika Tiger 47 :

Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor is manufactured by Sonalika tractor manufacturers. Here, we are providing you with all the information you need about the Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor. 

Sonalika Tiger 47 Tractor Engine Capacity:

The Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor’s engine capacity is 3065 cc, and has 3 cylinders generating 1900 engine rated RPM, and its HP is 50 hp. The Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor PTO HP is superb. 

Why should you choose the Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor?

Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor has a dual or single clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning. Sonalika Tiger 47 steering type hydrostatic steering from that tractor gets easy to control and fast response. The Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor has multi-disc oil-immersed brakes, which provide high grip and low slippage. The Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1800 kg, and Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor mileage is economical in every field. It has 12 forward + 12 reverse gearboxes.

Sonalika Tiger 47 Tractor Specification:

No. Of Cylinder


HP Category

50 HP

Capacity CC

3065 CC

Engine-rated RPM

1900 RPM


Coolant Cooled

Air Filter

Dry Type


205 NM

Transmission Type

Constant Mesh with Side Shifter


Single/Dual (Optional)

Gear Box

12 Forward + 12 Reverse

Forward Speed

39 kmph


Multi-disc oil-immersed brakes

Steering Type


PTO Type

540/Reverse PTO



Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg

3 point Linkage

1SA, 1TA, and 1DA*

Wheel drive


Front Wheel

6.0 x 16 / 6.5 x 16 / 7.5 x 16

Rear Wheel

14.9 x 28


Hood, Bumper, Top link , Tool, Hook

Additional Features

SKY Smart, Forward - Reverse Shuttleshift Gear , Headlamp with integrated LED DRL, Work Lamp & Chrome Bezel , Fender Lamp with LED DRL , Combination Switch, Lever Type Steering Column mounted with illumination, Instrument Cluster with integrated Digital Hour Meter, Service Reminder with Buzzer, Digital Clock, Air Clogging Buzzer & Chrome garnish, Single piece front hood with Gas Strut, Flat Platform for Operator, Deluxe Operator Seat with Inclined Plane 4 Way Adjustment Adjustable Front Axle, 4WD*, Radiator with Front Trash Guard*, Adjustable Heavy Duty Tow Hook, Front Weight Carrier. 


5000 hours 5 Year



Sonalika Tiger 47 Tractor Specifications in Details

Engine and Performance

  • The 50 HP Sonalika Tiger DI 47 4WD HP is suitable for all agricultural uses. The higher power output of this tractor makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty farm activities. It ensures that heavy loads may be handled with ease by the tractor and allows smooth operation on uneven ground.

  • The diesel engine of this type has 3 cylinders. This model's engine is rated at 1900 RPM. The optimal ERPM of the tractor produces more power with less fuel usage. The efficient use of engine power results in significant long-term cost reductions.

  • There is 3065 cc in its engine. A higher engine volume, which allows for heavy-duty tasks with greater power output, is implied by a higher capacity.

Power- Take-Off

  • The PTO speed of the Sonalika Tiger DI 47 is 540 RPM. This model's standard PTO speed guarantees compatibility with a wide variety of PTO-driven tools, including hydraulic precision planters and post-hole diggers.


  • There are 12 forward and 12 reverse gears on it. A broad range of gear ratios appropriate for different operating situations and agricultural tasks is made possible by the availability of higher gear speeds. Fuel efficiency is improved when the tractor is running at its best speeds.

  • Single, dual, or double-clutch choices are available for this Sonalika model. Gear changes are known to be simpler and faster with dual or double clutches. Additionally, they guarantee easy power outages.

Brakes and Steering 

  • The Sonalika Tiger DI 47 4WD features multi-disc brakes immersed in oil for smooth operation over difficult terrain. The brake system's oil ensures ongoing cooling and lubrication, increasing overall braking efficiency.

  • Its hydrostatic power steering makes controlling it on challenging surfaces simple.

User Reviews of Sonalika TIGER 47 Tractor

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i have purchesing this tractor

“ very nice workig ”

By Shivprasad Patil 16 March 2022

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FAQS - ABOUT Sonalika TIGER 47 Tractor

Ans : A tractor with 50 HP is the Sonalika Tiger 47.

Ans : The lifting capacity of the Sonalika Tiger 47 is 1800 kg.

Ans : Hydrostatic Power Steering is available on the Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor.

Ans : Find nearby Sonalika Tiger 47 dealers at KhetiGaadi.

Ans : The brakes of the Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor are Oil immersed Brakes.

Ans : 12F + 12R gears are included in the Sonalika Tiger 47 Tractor.

Ans : Sonalika Tiger 47 has a dry single /Dual Clutch.

Ans : Sonalika 35, Sonalika GT 28, Sonalika 50, and Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger are the most popular Sonalika tractor models

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