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Guide of Farmers : Central Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare has recently said that, as per estimates by the Central Statistics Office, the share of agricultural products/agriculture and allied sectors in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which was 51.9 % in 1950-51, has reduced to nearly 13 to 14 % in last two-three years. This contribution is actually very much low for such a sector that employs about 50 % of the country’s population. However, this is mainly due to the farmers’ inability to generate income from their crops and curb their growing debt. One of the main reasons for this scenario is the lesser utilization of global technology in the farming industry. After economic reforms in the country in 1991, farming industry was supposed to take pace. But it didn’t take place uniformly in every part of the country. Northern parts of the country were and still are yielding a bounteous harvest. But southern and eastern parts saw a moderate growth as compared to northern parts of the country.

Now, after 25 years due to the globalization, farm mechanization in the country is taking up a pace. But, financial status of farmers in our country has not been raised up to the mark hence small farmers sometimes can’t afford to buy new tractors or farming implements. Hence, sometimes they take loans from banks or financial institutions which are ready to give loan with hassle free process. And if failed to pay off the debt, farmers find themselves in crisis and even commit suicide in the worst case. Hence to help farmers in such a financial crisis, is providing farmers a convenient, easy to use service which avails farmers a facility to buy or rent out used tractors and farming implements at a reasonable price. In addition to this, they get a financial assistance at commensurable interest rates. So log on to for more information.

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