Escorts Tractors Price Under Five Lac

Escorts Tractors Price Under Five Lac

Escorts Tractors Price

Hello Everybody, we are going to discuss the fast-growing Escort tractor prices under five lac which is economical and easy to purchase by the farmers.

During the pandemic situation, agricultural farming was also affected and farmers were unable to purchase a new tractor or second-hand tractor with all qualities. Escorts produces a wide range of tractor models.

Escorts tractor company records a sales growth of 18.8% in 2020. The company has various dealers and customers across the country. So keeping in mind the different requirements of the farmers the company focused on major production and better output.

Here you will get information regarding an Escorts tractor that fits in the budget of the farmers and is suitable for agricultural farming with all the essential qualities under the budget of five lac.

Escort Steeltrac

Escort Steeltrac is the first tractor in the list of Escorts tractor models. Escorts is the best company in producing tractors with advanced technology, especially for material handling, construction purposes, etc.

With this recommendation the best and minimum price tractor of Rs 2.90 Lac Escort Steeltrac is good in performance with more in height, blue in color can operate easily in small construction.

Tractor Escort Steeltrac is a 2 wheel drive tractor and provided with 2 years of warranty.

In a minimum budget with essential qualities, Escort Steeltrac comes with accessories including a canopy, tool, hook, TopLink, Bumper, Drawbar, etc. So, I think Escort Steeltrac is best for farmers on a small budget.

Escorts Powertrac 425

Escorts Powertrac 425 tractor is a mini tractor with 25 HP of the power range. Escorts Powertrac 425 tractor is the most efficient tractor for operating in agriculture purposes.

Escorts Powertrac 425 tractor is a 2 wheel drive tractor with more efficient in usage and the highest in demand. It can easily work on small farms. Escorts Powertrac 425 price tractors start from Rs 4.5 Lac.

Escort MPT Jawan

Escort MPT Jawan tractor, which is known for its performance. It is the best-featured tractor with Manual steering which helps in smooth functioning.

The company offers heavy hydraulics which can load 1000 kg of lifting capacity. Escort MPT Jawan is a 25 Hp tractor with 2 cylinders, highest fuel efficiency of 42 liters which can run for longer hours.

Escort MPT Jawan offers heavy hydraulics with 1000 Kg of strong pulling capacity. Tractor Escort MPT Jawan is affordable and fits the budget of the customers. The price of Escort MPT Jawan starts from 4.4 Lac.

Some of the accessories like Toplink, a canopy, Hook, Tool, Drawbar, Bumper, etc. This Escort MPT Jawan tractor is perfect for the farmers who want to buy an essential featured tractor on a small budget.

Escorts Powertrac 425 N

Escorts Powertrac 425 N tractor comes with a bundle of features. This tractor is suitable to work for both commercial and agricultural purposes. Escorts Powertrac 425 N is available with a 25 Hp power engine and is equipped with 2 cylinders.

If you are looking for Escorts Tractors Price under five lac then opt for Escorts Powertrac 425 N which costs Rs 3.30 Lac, is good for small farmers with the benefit of the higher fuel efficiency of 50 liters.

Escorts Powertrac 425 N is powerful and India’s number one tractor in India with a small budget and higher efficiency.

Escorts Powertrac 425 DS

The next that comes under a five lac price range in Escorts tractor is Escort Powertrac 425 DS that comes with various specific features best in forwarding speed of 2.1 – 28.8 Kmph.

Escort Powertrac 425 DS has a smooth transmission control.

It can be said that that this is the best tractor amongst the farmers for premium features like oil-immersed brakes, heavy-duty hydraulic capacity, ground clearance of 390 mm. Escorts Powertrac 425 DS costs Rs 4.10 Lac. It is also good for performing thrilling with cultivation, rotavator, haulage, sowing, etc. This tractor is suitable to operate in farmlands of grapes, cotton, groundnut, etc.

Escorts Farmtrac ATOM 26

In the list of Escorts Farmtrac, Atom 26 price under 5 lac is good in performance. It comes with a warranty of one year. It is good for implements like rotavator, cultivator, planter, plough, etc.

Escorts Farmtrac Atom 26 is economical and costs Rs 4.80 Lac which fits the budget of the customers.

This tractor is good in mileage. It can load 750 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity. Escort Farmtrac Atom 26 has a power steering feature that helps in turning easily.

Escorts Josh

Escorts Josh is best in price and known for Higher productivity. It is a great deal with all qualities and the best in features. Escorts Josh is good in smoothening with having a single friction plate clutch.

And if you are searching for the price of Escorts Josh then it is economical and costs Rs 5 Lac. The price varies from one region to another.

Escorts Josh tractor is best in performance and known for the best features and specifications. It is suitable for farm applications like cultivator, rotavator, plough, etc.


These are all about Escorts Tractors Price range under 5 lac. All these range tractors are mostly preferred by the farmers because it comes with higher efficiency, more productivity, higher lifting capacity.

Escorts tractor company produces larger tractor models with all price ranges starting from 2.40 Lac to 15 lac tractors.

In this blog, you will get to know about the Escort tractor model range under 5 lac. To know more about the details check our website

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