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Solis 5015 E 4WD

HP Category : 50 HP
No. of cylinder : 3 Cylinder
Gear Box Type : 10 Forward + 5 Reverse
Max PTO (HP) : 42.5 HP
Price : 8.75 Lakh - 8.78 Lakh

Solis 5015 E 4WD Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 50 HP
  • 4WD
  • 3 Cylinder
  • 10 Forward + 5 Reverse
  • 42.5 HP

Solis 5015 E 4WD

Solis 5015 E 4WD is a high technology advanced feature tractor. This tractor has a 50 HP power engine. It is easy to operate. This tractor is easily operated and can run for longer operations. It is higher in efficiency and greater in long-run operations. 

Solis 5015 E 4WD is a constant mesh transmission feature. It is low in maintenance. It is good for operating implements like seed drills, gyrator, plow etc. This tractor is good for commercial and agricultural purposes. 

Solis 5015 E 4WD is economical in range and The price of Soils 5015 E 4 WD starts from 8.75 lac. To know about the Tractor Price contact Khetigaadi executives.

Solis 5015 E 4WD  Features

This is an ergonomically designed tractor that is suitable for longer work operations with comfortable seating, easy reach levers, and a large-diameter steering wheel.

  • It is Multi-disc oil-immersed brakes.
  • The Solis 5015 is best suited for reaper applications.
  • Solis 5015 E 4WD  is excellent in water-cooled cooling.
  • Solis 5015 E 4WD  has a constant mesh transmission feature.
  • Solis 5015 E 4WD  has a power steering feature.

Solis 5015 E 4WD Specifications

HP Category50  HP
Engine CapacityNA
Engine Rated RPM2000  RPM
No of Cylinder3
Brake TypeOil Immersed Brake
Steering TypePower Steering
PTO Power42.5 HP

Question:  What is the mileage of Solis 5015 E 4WD?

Answer: Solis 5015 E 4WD mileage is 55 litres.

Question:  What is the HP of Solis 5015 E4WD?

Answer:  Solis 5015 E 4WD is a 50 HP tractor.

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लई भारी ट्रॅक्टर

“ Ha tractor mala changla average deto. Ha Pow... ”

By MANSING Patil 21 March 2022

This is Best Tractor in India

“ This is Best Tractor in India ”

By NIKHIL MAHAMUNI 30 November -0001


“ this is super tractor ”

By U bharath 11 May 2023

ट्रॅक्टरला तेल कमी लागते

“ Diesel kam khata hai, Tractor ko opreate kar... ”

By MANSING Patil 21 March 2022

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