HP Category : 25 HP
Displacement CC in : 1560 CC
No. of cylinder : 2 Cylinder

Powertrac 425 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 25 HP
  • 2WD
  • 1560 CC
  • 2 Cylinder

Powertrac introduces a new 2 cylinder tractor model Powertrac 425. This 2 cylinder tractor is used for every type of farm-related operation. You will get 8 + 2 gearboxes in Powertrac 425. It comes with mechanical steering. Powertrac 425 provides you with both types of brake systems oil-immersed and dry. 

The 25 HP Powertrac 425 is able to lift 1300 kg weight easily. This is one of the most fuel-efficient tractor models developed by Powertrac. This commercial tractor is useful for multiple tasks such as cultivation, harvesting, and pulling, etc. The maintenance cost for Powertrac 425 is very low as compared with other tractor models.

This tractor starts with a 4.10 Lac price. To know more about Powertrac 425 on-road tractor price contact Khetigaadi executives.

Powertrac 425 Features

  • This is 2 cylinder tractor model
  • Will get 8 + 2 gearboxes
  • This is 25 HP tractor
  • Able to lift 1300 kg easily

Powertrac 425 Specifications

Tractor Specifications
HP Category25 HP
Engine CapacityNA
Engine Rated RPM2000 RPM
No of Cylinder2 cylinders
Brake TypeOil Immersed 
Steering TypeMechanical Single Drop Arm
PTO Power21.3 HP

Question:  What is the mileage of Powertrac 425?

Answer: Powertrac 425 has 50 L of mileage.

Question:  What is the Powertrac 425 price in 2021?

Answer: Powertrac 425 price in 2021 is Rs.4.1 Lac.

Question:  Is Powertrac 425 good for farming?

Answer: Yes, Powertrac 425 is good for farming.

Question:  How many cylinders are there in the Powertrac 425?

Answer: There are 2 cylinders in the Powertrac 425.

Question:  How much does Powertrac 425 weigh?

Answer: Powertrac 425 weight 1785 Kg.

User Reviews of Powertrac 425 Tractor

Based on 2 Total Reviews
Its user friendly .

“ High level of productive capacity, ”

By Sagar Patil 26 March 2022
This is Best Tractor in India

“ This is Best Tractor in India ”

By NIKHIL MAHAMUNI 30 November -0001

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