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Mechanical Planter in india

About Mechanical Planter

A green mechanical planter implement is used for planting and sowing. It is a multi-crop function used for crops like cotton, soybean, sunflower, and in all kinds of soil. 

Mechanical Planter Implement comes in John Deere tractor brand implementations with certain specifications. The overuse of seed and lower wastage is applicable for mechanical power implementations. A mechanical power implement is also used for various purposes like seed covering with the soil, available with 4,5,7,9 rows.

A Mechanical Planter is a farm implement attached behind a tractor. A machine that handles larger seeds tends to be called a Planter. Planter is used to sow seeds in a row covering the whole field. It is attached to the three-point hitch and drawbar with a tractor. The seeds are laid down along the rows in a proper manner by the planter. Mechanical planters vary in size from 1 row to 54. Planters are used for sowing crops like maize, peas, beans, etc. 

Popular Mechanical Planter

John Deere DB 120

John Deere DB 120 is known for the largest and newer planter used for multiple moduled called row units.

John Deere Multi-Crop Mechanical Planter MP1205

John Deere Multi-Crop. Mechanical Planter MP1205 is a precision planter. It is used for seeding and planting purposes.

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