Rake Implement Types in india

About Rake Implements Type

A rake is a horticultural implement having a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle or tines is fixed to a handle. A rake implement is hardly used for gardening purposes like collecting leaves grass, removing the dead grass, loosening the soil, etc. Highly mechanized rakes are used for farming purposes which are also known as hay rakes. They are built in different vagues like star -wheel rakes, etc. Advance hand rakes are made from steel, tines, or plastic. The heavy rakes are used for conditioning and dethatching soil. It is also used for the removal of rock, grass clumps, etc. It is also used for small farmers. 

New Holland Rate RKG 129 is superior in technology mechanism. It comes with a 31- 40 HP tractor. New Holland plays a significant role in the collection of biomass. It helps in the crop residues for cogeneration from cane trash in sugar mills.. Farmers take a keen interest in the number of bookings of balers and rakes. The organic matter present in the soil damages and results in straw burning.

New Holland brings a variety of products like baler, rakes, MB Plough, Rotavator, Paddy chopper, Happy Seeder, Shredo Mulcher.

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