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New Holland WORKMASTER™ 105

HP Category : 106 HP
Displacement CC in : 3387 CC CC
No. of cylinder : 4 Cylinder
Max PTO (HP) : 106 HP HP
Gear Box Type : Fully Synchromesh with Creeper Gear

New Holland WORKMASTER™ 105 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days

  • 106 HP
  • 4WD
  • 3387 CC CC
  • 4 Cylinder
  • 106 HP HP
  • Fully Synchromesh with Creeper Gear

About New Holland Workmaster 105

New Holland Workmaster 105 is a heavy-built, versatile tractor that was specifically created to impress modern-day farmers and meet their ever-changing agricultural demands. This top performer packs 106 horsepower with its strong yet easy four-cylinder engine which means it can do everything from plowing and planting to hauling and mowing. Workmaster 105 parades a user-focused interface that lays out wide spaces for the operator and spare room which enhances productivity, supposedly to tackle fatigue with its German-made controls during long hours of operation. The durable design will last a lifetime and can lift more than comparable jacks of the time thanks to its advanced hydraulic system. The New Holland Workmaster 105 provides farm operators with a reliable workhorse that significantly increases operational conserves fuel, is easy to maintain and parts are readily available.

New Holland Workmaster 105 Features

  • The New Holland Workmaster 105 is powered by a 106 HP engine.

  • New Holland Workmaster 105 has an Electro Hydraulic Multi Disk Wet Type Clutch.

  • The New Holland Workmaster 105 has a lifting capacity of 3500 kg.

  • The New Holland Workmaster 105 has a Hydrauclly actuated Rear Oil Immersed Multi Disk Brake.

  • New Holland Workmaster 105 has a 4-cylinder engine.

  • New Holland Workmaster 105 has Power Steering.

New Holland Workmaster 105 Specification

Tractor Specifications

HP Category
106 HP
Lifting Capacity
3500 kg
Engine Rated RPM
2300 RPM
No. of Cylinder
4 Cylinder 
Brake Type
Hydraulically actuated Rear Oil Immersed Multi Disk Brake
Steering Type
Power Steering
Fuel Tank Capacity
90 Litre
Air Cleaner
Dry Type with Auto Cleaning

What is the New Holland Workmaster 105 Starting Price?

The New Holland Workmaster 105, priced between 29.50 Lakh and 30.60 Lakh, is a powerful and reliable tractor designed to handle a variety of agricultural tasks. Equipped with a 106-horsepower, four-cylinder engine, it offers robust performance for plowing, planting, hauling, and mowing. The tractor features a spacious operator platform with intuitive controls, enhancing comfort and productivity. Its durable construction ensures longevity, while the advanced hydraulic system provides excellent lifting and loading capabilities. With its impressive fuel efficiency and ease of maintenance, the Workmaster 105 is an excellent investment for any farming operation.

Why should you select the New Holland Workmaster 105?

For those looking for a well-rounded, efficient solution to their farming needs the New Holland Workmaster 105 is definitely not going to disappoint. This machine is specifically best for those work which is medium to large-scale farming like Plowing, planting, tilling hauling, etc. Power for the Workmaster 105 comes from a high-quality, four-cylinder engine rated at 106 horsepower that provides excellent power and fuel efficiency. Additionally, the broad operator platform features seat-sensing suspension with quick response and intuitive eHydro Electronic Controls for comfortable operation over long working days. With a more powerful hydraulic system, You get increased lifting and loading capacity which means heavy implements and heavy loads are not a problem to work with. This is due to the Workmaster 105 being built with ruggedness as a necessity, enabling it to take on daily farming tasks without faltering for that all-important long-term reliability. Whether row crimping for cattle, on large-acre crops or general work around the farm - it provides you with power and best-in-class visibility to do more while demanding less from your tractor.


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