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Thresher in india

About Thresher

Thresher is farm mechanization used in agriculture. The main function of the thresher is to remove grains from the plants by the method of treading, striking, and rupturing. Threshers are available in different sizes and are operated with 3-40 Hp power sources. Threshers mainly operate to separate peas, soybean, etc. The thresher always threshes the wheat crop and functions such as :

Some of the main components of thresher are

Drive pulley, Fan/blower, Feeding chute, Spikes, Cylinder, Concave, Flywheel, Frame, Towing hook, Upper sieve, Lower sieve, Transport wheel, Suspension lever, Can pulley, the Shutter plate, etc.

Thresher Types 

Thresher Variations

Beater Type Thresher

Beater Type Threshers are also known as Drummy threshers. These types of threshers come at affordable prices and are easy to purchase by the farmers. The construction is simple in cylindrical form. 

Corrugated Flywheel With Chopping Knife Type Thresher 

This type of thresher is widely used as fodder for the cattle and a wheat straw used to cut into small pieces.

Popular Thresher Brands In India

Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra Threshers are mostly preferred by the farmers. These threshers help to separate the grains from the husk. It has a better cleaning ability feature as compared to other threshers.

Maize Thresher Dasmesh

Dasmesh 423 is a post harvesting thresher. It is suitable with 35 Hp minimum power. 

Landforce Paddy Thresher

Landforce Paddy Thresher is suitable for harvesting grain. This machine is superior in quality, higher efficiency which helps to remove dust from the product mixture. It is cost-saving and requires less labor and saves time. It is easily operated. Safety belts are given for the safety of drivers.

Landforce Haramba Thresher (Wheat)

This type of machine is suitable for farmers that are more in numbers. It is designed specifically for wheat crops. It can be operated with a 35 Hp tractor. This implementation is available with load wheels.

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