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Straw Chopper in india

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  • 21-30 HP
  • Straw Chopper

About Straw Chopper

Straw Chopper is mainly used for cutting the crops and being post harvested. Operated by tractor PTO has a cutter bar reel, feeding auger, and bruising cylinder like a traditional thresher.

There are various kinds of straw choppers available in the market such as paddy straw choppers which come at affordable prices manufactured by several brands. The main function of a straw chopper is to work in effective straw management in the field. 

Straw Chopper Classification

Small Size Straw Chopper 

Small Size Straw Chopper is mainly used for small farms for chopping dry straw or silage.

Medium Size Straw Chopper 

For cutting dry straw silage, medium size straw chopper is the best. 

Large Size Straw Chopper 

Large Size Straw Chopper is also called a silage chopper used mainly on cattle farms.

Popular Straw Chopper 

Dasmesh 567 - Paddy Straw Chopper - Dasmesh 567 - Paddy Straw Chopper is mainly designed from stubbles of Paddy after combine harvest. The heavy-duty gearbox helps in running the chopper without load. The operating feature is well designed and operated easily. This implement works smoothly and efficiently with the help of gears. Dasmesh spare products are easily available. 

Landforce Straw Chopper 

Landforce has developed the straw chopper machine the best used for cutting the fallen crop or for harvesting purposes. 

KS Paddy Straw Chopper

KS Paddy Straw Chopper is the best farming machine. It is designed for cutting the outer cutting of the crops. It is used for cutting the fallen crops like wheat, soybean, pulses, sunflower and Paddy.

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