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Shredo Mulcher in india

8.6 K
न्यू हॉलंड श्रेडो मल्चर एसएम१५००
  • 41-50 HP
  • Shredo Mulcher
8.4 K
न्यू हॉलंड श्रेडो मल्चर एसएम२१००
  • 51-60 HP
  • Shredo Mulcher

About Shredo Mulcher

With the mechanization tools and implements, the tractor companies are inventing new implements to focus on the other sides of agricultural Farming like the control of pollution, insecticides, and pesticides. With this feature, New Holland launches Shredo Mulcher Implement designed to reduce pollution. 

Shredder Mulcher Features

The basic design of Shredder Mulcher comes with certain features of implement like

Shredo Mulcher Use

Shredo Mulcher has certain uses. Some of them are

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Implement Price Related FAQ's

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