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Happy seeder in india

About Happy seeder

Happy seeder may be a tractor-mounted implement that cuts and lifts paddy straw, sows wheat into the bare soil, and deposits the straw over the sown area as mulch. But sadly, farmers haven't shown much interest in adopting this technology, which was made clear by them yesterday when Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh exhorted them to use it during the speech of the two-day Kissan Mela at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). 

Happy Seeder is a technique used for sowing seeds without burning or sowing wheat without burning rice. It is an eco-friendly mechanism that is fitted for both soils and saves water. It is an environmentally friendly technology to check air pollution. An important Happy Seeder Models with their brands are as follows:

Happy Seeder Machine

New Holland Happy Seeder: New Holland Happy Seeder is best in the yielding system, direct sowing method is followed, effective in cost-saving, high productivity. The product specification comes with 90 inches of working width, 10 number of tines, 40 blades, Fluted roller seed mechanism.

Fieldking Happy seeder FKTHS-9-R

It comes with various mechanisms like a field box, furrow opener tynes, PTO drive gearbox, fertilizer box, seedbox, drive wheel and adjustable depth wheels. The features of seed and fertilizer quantities varied with the help of metering devices. It is equipped with 18 blades and 9 times with a CAT II three-point linkage system.

Fieldking Happy seeder FKTHS-10-R

This model is helpful in seeding for plantations. It comes in a single-speed gearbox with 2 adjustable depth control wheels. It carries a weight of 650 Kg. It is available with specific features like 20 blades, 11 times, 2 adjustable depth control wheels, a Fluted roller, CAT II 3 point linkage, 2110 mm tillage width, and a single-speed gearbox. It carries 585 Kg of weight without PTO.

Dasmesh Super Seeder 711

This is an interesting model for wheat sowing and plantation. It has 11 rows, 54 blades, 9 Flanges, and 55- 65 HP power. It comes with a PTO speed of 540RPM. An overall size carries 6 feet and 940 Kg of total weight. The overall width is 2490 mm, 152 mm working depth, and 2134 mm working width. The price of this model starts at 2.5 Lac.

Fieldking Happy seeder FKTHS-11-R 

It is available with 11 tines, 22 blades, fluted roller seed, and fertilizer dropping features. It carries 715 Kg weight without PTO.

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