Pubert Brushcutter P520BG With Weeder W4
Overview : W4 is an innovative design with gear drive transmission with SRT & CRT movement of vertically mounted blades. Weeder W4 is made for weeding or maintaining different types of soils and the Weeder engine type is 2 Stroke, Lubricating Oil mixed Gasoline engine with 1.50 kW/ 2.1 hp Rated Power. This 2kw gasoline-powered tool is equipped with 4 rotative cutting heads. Explore the Brush Cutter Weed price, features, specifications at Khetigaadi.
Displacement : 52 cc
Engine : Pubert P520BG
Fuel tank capacity : 1 L
Net Power : 1.50 kW/ 2 Hp
Tool rotation speed : 1750 rpm
Type of soil : Natural soft or hard soil, grass
Weight : 13.8 Kg
Working Depth : 50 mm
Working width : 200 mm

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