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Specifications of Kartar Tractor Combined Harvester


Kartar Tractor Combined Harvester

Specifications of Kartar Tractor Combined Harvester

Diameter of Thresher Drum 595 mm
Blower 550 mm dia x 1100 mm width - 4 Blade
Cutter Bar Assy Effective width 3600 mm Working width 3900 mm
Driving V belt with Pulley arrangement
Model K 350 OT
No of straw walker 5 (184 mm x 3810 mm)
Number of Blower Blades 4
Overall dimension while harvesters L 8250 mm x W 3900 mm x H 3480 mm
Overall dimension while on road L10900 mm x Wt 3990 mm
Threshing Drum 595 mm Dia 1045 mm width
Threshing Drum Width 1045 mm
Type of Prime Mover Suitable Tractor to be fitted
Type size Drive Wheel Streeing Wheel 16.9 x 28 (12 PR) 2 Nos 6.50 x 20 (8 PR) 2 Nos

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