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Tafe 241 DI

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Tafe 241 DI Engine
Engine type Four Stroke DI engine, Water Cooled
Engine rated RPM 2000 RPM
Displacement CC in 2500 CC
No. of cylinder 3 Cylinder
Air Cleaner / Filter Wet Type
Accessories Front Weight, Rear Wheel Weight, Auto Hitch, Draw Bar
Tafe 241 DI Transmission
No. of gears Forward 8 Forward
No. of gears Reverse 2 Reverse
Brakes type MDSS/OIB
clutch type Dual Clutch (Single Clutch - Optional)
Tafe 241 DI Power Take Off
PTO RPM @ engine, rpm 540 @1500 RPM
PTO Type Single Speed
Tafe 241 DI Steering
Steering type Mechanical/Hydrostatic Steering
Tafe 241 DI Hydraulic
Lifting Capacity Max. 1450 Kg
3 Point Linkage Draft, Position And Response Control, Lower Links With Combi Ball
Tafe 241 DI Dimensions & Weight
Total Weight 1760 Kg
Turning radius With Brake 3150 Nm
Overall Length 3230 mm
Overall Width 1700 mm
Tafe 241 DI Wheels & Tyres
Tyre Size Front 6.00 x 16
Tyre Size Rear 13.6 x 28

Tafe 241 DI Tractor 

The agricultural sector plays a vital role in the Indian Economy. But, nowadays agricultural farming depends on advanced machinery, tools, and equipment. You will get Tafe 241 DI tractor specifications here. Every new day, new brand tractors are coming up with advanced features and technology and are boosting the Indian market as well as satisfying the needs of the farmers. Tafe 241 DI tractor is manufactured by one of the most popular brands In India, 22- 23 tractor brands are manufactured across the country with excellent specifications and automotive productions.

If we talk about the tractors, so every tractor has its own specialty in the form of features and the benefits provided in them. Tafe is one of the trusted brands in India. These features help the customers to research and compare with the other tractor models. Tafe 241 DI has 41 HP. Some of the specific features that buyer's focussed before purchasing the tractor are utility, budget, comfort and safety, comparison, and consultation with the dealers. 

Additionally, the specifications are listed as more 'engine power' and more tractor runs. You will get 41-50 HP Range in Tafe 241 DI. The other factor goes with the transmission which includes gears, reverse, and forward speed, the functioning of brakes, and power of the single and dual-clutch system. Tafe 241 DI tractor has 2WD. The hydraulics make the turning easier which is also used for lifting attachments and implements. The PTO shaft is the part of the equipment located in the tractor.

Tafe 241 DI tractor has 2500 CC displacement in CC. The tires and battery capacity tell the smooth functioning of the tractor. Tractor Tafe 241 DI has 3 number of cylinders. You will get PTO HP in the tractor Tafe 241 DI.

This tractor provides a gearbox.

So, if you are looking for the purchase of the tractor go through the official links, websites, and dealers and services like Khetigaadi that provide reliable information to the customers.

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