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Pneumatic Planter in india

About Pneumatic Planter

Pneumatic Planter is extensively a high planter used for all kinds of seedling operation. It is available with several configurations and frames. It is available with greater efficiency depending on the types of crops. It is used for multi functionary units. Different types of crop productivity are used by this planter. New Holland Pneumatic Planter performs for one seed. It is applicable for cost savings. It is more economical. FKPMCP- 6 is an agricultural machinery sowing of crops. 

Fieldking Pneumatic Planter FKPMCP 

It is used as an operation of seed. It is better used in better yielding and better production. It is also used for soil crop residues. It is performed for frames and soil production. Easy to use, perpetually reliable, and extremely correct, this unit is very suggested for sowing on ploughed soils while not crop residues on the bottom. The seeding furrow is created by a drill wedge and also the seeding depth is ready by a tetragon system between the frame and also the rear wheel, which might be adjusted by a mechanical jack. The pressure applied by the seeding unit on the bottom is controlled by a spring.

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