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About Garden Products:

All of your needs for home gardening can be met by “KhetiGaadi”, an all-in-one online gardening store. You can get all the garden necessities online at our e-store, regardless of whether you want to build up a terrace garden on your home or a vertical garden on your balcony. 

For your garden, KhetiGaadi offers organic and natural garden products. In addition to that our products are tested and approved by the agri-experts. The application of these products increases the quality of your plants and gives you the best gardening experience. This is the only website where you can find all these gardening supplies online at reasonable prices. We only plan to provide you with an amazing gardening experience without any difficulties with these KhetiGaadi offers you with best products and individualized solutions for home gardening.

Decide what suits your garden best, here we have provided you the list:

  1. Garden Shampoo: Sounds great right? -Shampoo for your garden, this incredible product has multiple specialties. This unique product is made to make your garden look fresh and full of greenery. This shampoo cleans and maintains the healthy leaf, which helps in proper photosynthesis and helps leaves for maintaining plant life.

  2. Classic Ultra: This product will provide growth to your plant and also helps in maximizing the branches of the plant. The length of leaves will also maximize. Moreover, Nutrient absorption capacity will be increased in the plants.

  3. Mega Nutri: This amazing product is for flower lovers, which will maximize the number of flowers on plants. It helps in maintaining the quality of flowers and also helps to control premature flowering and fruit dropping.

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