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  • ROOTFIELD is used for instant and healthy growth of garden plants at every stage. 

  • It promotes the formation of beneficial microbes in soil and improves microbial flora. 

  • Helps to make the soil more fertile.

  • It plays an important role in ensuring better germination, vigorous & healthy growth and profound Flowering.

  • By the ROOTFIELD application it converts the stubble and crop residues to organic carbon (Humus) at a much faster rate. 

  • It helps to neutralize heavy metals in the soil. It reduces nutrient losses & Neutralizes Ph value.

  • Stimulates plant growth, plant enzymes & cell division in plants. 

  • Improves nutrients uptake through the root system.

Dosage- Drip or Drenching-Dissolve 1 Spoon in 100ml. Of water for 1 plant/pot.

Soil Application-1 Spoon for 1 plant/pot.

Method Of Application- Drip or Drenching and Soil Application

Duration of effect- 7 to 11 Days.

Compatibility- Not compatible with pesticides and fungicides.

Frequency of Application- In the interval of 45 days for lush green & healthy plants.

Chemical composition- Nature Ingredients (Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Microorganisms, Proteins)

Natural plant extracts -10%, alginic acid -14%, potash as K2O-4%, Diluvant -Q.S. Total - 100%

Special Remark- Avoid overdose for new plants, given as per the requirement of plant and pot size.

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