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Sprayer in india

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About Sprayer

What is a Sprayer?

The agricultural sprayer has components like a spray nozzle, liquid tank, sprayer pump, pressure regulator, valves, and fluid plumbing and a few sprayers have spray guns. This sprayer comes in various sizes, designs, and performance specifications. There are small sprayers to very large sprayers in size that help to hide a little area of land to extensive land.

There is a variety of sprayers that are designed for various spraying applications like gardening, crops, trees, fruit, livestock needs, and weed control.

Sprayers are efficient in use. It works at high performance and consists of low fuel. 

It provides superior separating performance. 

It is the best farming tool for crop protection. Knapsack sprayer is convenient for spraying through hand-held nozzles that are connected to the tank carried on operator's back. There are three sorts of Knapsack sprayers i.e battery, manual, and battery cum manual sprayer.

Portable power sprayers are operated by electric and petrol engines with the assistance of a hose pipe. This sort of sprayer doesn’t have a chemical tank, which is employed for applying pesticides, insecticides, or liquid-type chemicals at extensive land coverage.

Knapsack power sprayer features a motor engine operated by employing a petrol engine i.e., 2 stroke and 4stroke engine type. It is a separate chemical tank and also has handheld nozzles. Fieldking Boom Sprayer is a modern farming implement with chemical resistance. It is also used in an easy way.

Sprayer Types

Sprayer Machine Brands

Sprayer FAQ

Question: What are the types of Sprayers?

Answer: Types of Sprayer: High-pressure sprayer, Low-pressure sprayer, Air carrier sprayer, High clearance sprayer, Trailer or Truck mounted sprayer.

Question: What is the HP value of Shaktiman Sprayer Protektor 600-400?

Answer: 21-30 HP


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