Shredo Mulcher Implement Types in india

About Shredo Mulcher Implements Type

With the mechanization tools and implements, the tractor companies are inventing new implements to focus on the other sides of agricultural Farming like the control of pollution, insecticides, and pesticides. With this feature, New Holland launches Shredo Mulcher Implement designed to reduce pollution. 

Shredder Mulcher Features

The basic design of Shredder Mulcher comes with certain features of implement like

  • It can carry an optimum weight.
  • It requires less load and the best fuel consumption.
  • It comes with the benefit of multi-speed rotor options.
  • It is suitable for a range of crop conditions.
  • It carries side toothed belt drive.
  • No slippage.
  • It has a PTO shaft with an overrunning clutch.
  • The long-life gears function in a suitable form.

Shredo Mulcher Use

Shredo Mulcher has certain uses. Some of them are

  • The Paddy stubble, cotton stalks, cane trash used for the other crop residue.
  •  Less risk in Straw Burning.
  •  A uniform shredding is done finely.
  • The use of Shredo Mulcher enhances organic matter and soil fertility.
  •  It helps in weed control and moisture retention.

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