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Row Potato Planter in india

7.8 K
Agristar Row Potato Planter Potato planter
  • 41-50 HP
  • Row Potato Planter

About Row Potato Planter

Row Potato Planter is specially designed to cut the potatoes from 2,3,4 lines of rows. Potato planter comes with a three-point linkage feature and hydraulic lifting lever. For sowing seeds of potatoes in a row, potato planters are very useful. Potato Planter is used for different areas and can also work according to different soil and climate conditions. Row Potato Planter has the benefit of labor-saving, more output, better efficiency, etc. It is a multi-functional implementation. The transmission system helps to sow the potatoes at 12 different positions at a time. 

Popular Row Potato Planter

Mahindra Planting Master Potato

This is a newly launched tractor machinery farm by Mahindra under its Farm Equipment Sector FES. This implement is manufactured and collaborated by Europe based Dewulf. Planting Master Potato + is specially designed for Indian farmers and suitability for land conditions. It helps in enhancing quality. It is easily available and provides a benefit of rental basis too. 

TAFE Row Potato Planter 

TAFE Row Potato Planter is more useful, efficient, and more cost-effective. It is easily adjustable for all soil conditions in two or more rows one at a time. It is also used for various fertilizer purposes in a two-row or four-row furrow. 

Agristar Potato Planter  

Furrowing, Seeding, and Ridging are the main functions of Agristar Potato Planter. It is widely used for sowing the seeds of potato at one time.

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Ans : Standard Tractor is 30 HP to 90 HP .

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