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Duster in india

About Duster

Duster is an agriculture farm equipment used for cleaning the field. It is made up of wooden steel and attached to the tractor on backwards. The main function of duster implements is to clean the area of agricultural fields like vineyards, graveyards. It works as a spray machine.

Duster Features

Types of Duster

Popular Duster by Brand

Mitra Storm Duster 

Mitra Storm Duster is India’s lowest height duster. It is especially used by an Indian farmers. Storm Duster implement is made up of advanced technology and imported parts. The mud control plate is one of the best features to handle all the parts to implement and is easy to use. It is made up of high-density quality material. 

Cima s420 Duster 

This implement is a 200 Kg duster implementation. It needs only 3 HP tractors. The speciality of this machine is that any form of sust can be applied by Cima s420

A smooth and vast coverage is the main feature of Cimas420 implemented. The application is applied as sulphur dust. It is basically used to control the PM. This implement is used on multi-crop. 

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