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Mulcher in india

5.8 K
महिंद्रा मल्चर १६०
  • 41-50 HP
  • Mulcher
6.3 K
महिंद्रा मल्चर १८०
  • 41-50 HP
  • Mulcher

About Mulcher

Mulcher is a special machinery tool attached with a tractor used in the agricultural field and reliable to cut down the trees, paddy and gardens, bushes, and palvars. It is also used in maintaining soil fertility. It comes with specific features like a shear instrument is run by keeping it behind the tractor with a double clock of 50 HP. The main function of Mulcher's implement is cutting the residues of crops. It is mainly used for post-harvesting of the crops like bananas, and cotton. 

Mulcher Uses

Mulchers Types

Green System Mulcher 

It is a low maintenance tractor implement used for paddy sediments. The green system Mulcher helps in increment of crop productivity and paddy straw converts into natural manuring. This agricultural implement is designed for the John Deere series tractors. It is a time-saving implementation.

Toscano Mulcher 

It is used for post-harvesting of the stem, orchards, branches on vineyards, weed mover, etc. It can be helpful in plants and stem mover too. It is best in efficiency and shredding performance. 

Mahindra 160 

Mahindra 160 is best used for cutting and sowing, best in harvesting, crop residues, and is much efficient. It is easy to attach to a tractor. It comes with the special feature of operation i.e. cutting, chopping, and mixing with the crop. It is used for dual purposes i.e. offset and mounted.

Mahindra Mulcher 180 

Mahindra Mulcher 180 designed for crop residues, like sugarcane, banana, and papaya. It helps to use for the fertility of the soil and does not harm the soil. It helps to cover the whole field. 

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