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Innovation in the tractor industry gives a rise to the growth of tractors and tractor brands. Before making the highest-quality tractor the producer thinks of its specifications that should be properly maintained and implemented in the tractor.

Tractors can only run at a higher speed and work smoothly due to the superior quality of tires fixed in them.

Tires come in two categories that are front and rear tire tires. All the sizes of the tires are different with the front and backside tools. Sometimes, the purchaser lacks the correct information regarding the tires.

In the market, different types of brands are available that produce a large number of tires for different brand scale tractor industries. The one who is looking for the purchasing of the tires through online mode then, we are here to help you out in selecting the right tires for your own tractors.

From Where You Will Get The Information

Once you click on the KhetiGaadi website link you can see the ‘Tyre’ page when once you click on the link you will get the information related to the tires. We have tried to provide you with all the complete details of the tires with their brand names, price of the tires, the most popular tractor tires, search for new tire options, etc.

Also, if the customers are confused with two tires, then we have brought the comparison tires videos and detailed explanation of the tractors by helping them to choose the right option of purchasing the tires.

Which Tyres Are Popular In India

Under this category, we have mentioned the most popular tires that are trending and the most on demand by the customers. Some of the Popular tires in India are JK Tyre SONA H/F 14.9 - 28, MRF SHAKTI LIFE 13.6 - 28, Birla Tyres FRAM HAUL PLATINA, etc, and many more. Here you can get the complete information regarding each tire for various tire brands and which tires are best in price deals.

Search Tractor Tyres By Brand

Tractor tires by brand help at certain points by making a fair deal. There are several brands of tires that are good in heavy or rear sizes. Some of the important brands that are mentioned on the page are JK Tyres, MRF, Apollo Tyres, BKT Tires, CEAT Tyres, Good Years, and Birla Tyres.

Those tire brands are well famous in various aspects. Tyre works effectively on the road if it has all the essential features equipped with it.

Talking about the tires brand and if you are seeking more information then click on our official page of KhetiGaadi. Also, you can check our videos for more updates.

Comparison Of The Tyres

Under this category, you will get some more information regarding the tires by comparing them with one another. This will help in choosing the right tire by comparing them with several aspects like the comparison between the tire brands, comparison between the tire modes, comparison between the prices, and many more.

So, clicking on the right button can make your deal easier, before buying the tires.

Front Tyres

There are different types of tires available in different brands. In some tractors the size of front tires is small and in others, the front side tires are larger.

So, for you, we have mentioned different types of tires with their brand names and also mentioned the speed that is maximum according to the requirement of the tractors.

Here are some of the examples CEAT Tyre AAYUSHAMAAN PLUS 13.6 - 28, BKT Tyre C0MMANDER(F) 6.50 - 16, BKT Tyre C0MMANDER(F) 5.50 - 16, etc and many more. For further details, you can click on our website page of KhetiGaadi and acquire more information from it.

Rear Tyres

Rear tires are the tires placed on the backside of the tractors. According to the different tasks performed for various farm activities, rear tires are designed in such a way that can operate easily on any type of land. Rear size tires come in different sizes according to the requirement of the tractor.

In some tractors, Rear tires are always seen in the bigger size whereas in some tractor models like Mahindra the rear size tires are smaller. So, here you can easily get the relevant information about all the rear size tires with different brand models and types.

KhetiGaadi is the only platform where you can get all the relevant information about the tractors, tractor brands, tractor models, information regarding the tires, types of tires, different types of tire brands, comparison between the tires, and many more.

For more detailed information kindly log into our official KhetiGaadi page where you can sort many problems related to the purchasing of the tires. Thus, we listen to our customers' problems and help them to make the perfect deal.

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