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Shredders in india

About Shredders

Shredder is a farm operating implement placed behind the tractor. This operating machine is fantastic. Shredder is basically used for crop residue management. The raw material of straws is cut down into smaller particles which can be further used for cattle purposes. There are different kinds of shredders available in the market with an aim of fast cutting of row crops into fine particles. Different companies manufacture shredders for different crop materials with the same functioning operation.

Shredder Types

Mahindra Shredder

Mahindra shredder is designed for cutting the raw materials into smaller particles and further used as fodder for cattle. This is a center-mounted implement used as an offset with the tractor. It is used efficiently and effectively for the next harvest season. This implement works smoothly without harming the soil. This is a three-point linkage mounted implement. 

John Deere Shredder

John Deere is a well-known brand and it also produces advanced features implemented for the use of farmers. With its new advanced feature, the all-new re-cutter bar makes the task easier. It cut the crops in a lesser time. Rotor knives are attached inside this implement so that it can cut the grassy leaves smoothly.

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