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Ratoon Manager in india

About Ratoon Manager

Ratoon Manager is a type of implement used to improve germination and can stubble below ground level. It establishes the root system for better growth of crop production. It helps in aerating soil structure. Ratoon Manager is also used to establish sugarcane crop and ratoon crop for the next season. 

Popular Ratoon Manager

John Deere Ratoon Manager

John Deere Ratoon Manager is the topmost Ratoon Manager type implement. It comes with specific features. It helps to establish a new root system while cutting an old root system.

Green System Ratoon Manager 

John Deere Green System Ratoon Manager is used to manage sugarcane crop and prepare to facilitate root crop for the next season.

Deccan Farm Pushpak Ratoon Manager 

Pushpak Ratoon Manager is produced by Deccan Farm an implement company. This is a modern implementation that takes less time and operates easily. It is widely used to cut the sugarcane stubble near the ground level. It also helps to remove the unnecessary growth of weak buds by saving the loss of vital plant food. Pushpak Ratoon Manager increases the yielding of sugarcane crops.

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