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Disc Plough in india

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About Disc Plough

The disc plough operates in primary tillage. It is also used in scouring problems even in trashy and stumpy land conditions. Some of the specific features consist of a common mainframe, rock shaft assembly, disc beam assemblies, spring furrow wheel, and a gauge wheel. Some of its models are designed to operate as 2, 3, 4 bottoms. The discs are mounted on tapered roller bearings. 

Tafe Disc Plough

It comes in a rolled tubular frame, the construction of the frames provides high trash clearance. It helps in supporting the heavy bearing disc. It is available in both 2 furrow and three furrow versions. The heavy-duty primary tillage equipment is efficient for scouring prone land. It is also suitable in adverse conditions like hard, trashy, stony or stumpy soil. 

Sonalika Disc Plough

Sonalika Disc Plough cuts the turns in some cases breaks furrow & like be means of separately mounted large steel discs. It helps to work in loose soil also. It can be used in spongy soil also. Instead of sliding, plough rolling plough is used as friction in disc plough. A 

Sai Disc Plough 2 Bottom 

Sai Disc Plough 2 Bottom is considered to be the best tillage. It is specially used in hard and dry trashy land condition areas. The mainframe of 2 bottom disc plough is extra in a heavy tubular frame. It is easily adjustable. 

Beri Disc Plough FKMDP - 2

Beri Udyog is a FieldKing manufactures farm machinery like cultivators, plower, subsoiler etc.

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