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Siltac Orange(100ml)

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Siltac Orange Benefits-

  • It is a 100% biodegradable Product. 

  • The spreading ability is extremely fast and competitive among products.

  • Wet any surface,excellent sticking.

  • Reduced spray run-off and wastage of agrochemicals.

  • Provides enhanced spreading of agrochemicals on the leaf surface leading to a better spray coverage.

  • Gives better effectiveness of insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators when used with combinations.

  • Improves distribution of agrochemicals & enhances penetration into leaf membranes.

  • Decreases repeat application of chemicals & reduces cost.

Dosage - Spray- 3ml. to 5ml. Per 15 litre of pump and Drip or drenching-150ml. to 200 ml./acre

Method Of Application-Spray and Drip or drenching 

Duration of effect- 7 to 11 days 

Compatibility- Compatible with pesticides,fungicides and growth regulators.

Applicable Crops- All Crops

Frequency of Application- 3 to 4 Times

Chemical composition-Trisiloxane alkoxylate-60%+ diluvant & adjuvant-40%, Total-100%

Extra description-Siltac Orange is a non-ionic spray adjuvant product.The information provided here is for reference only. Always refer to the product labels and accompanying leaflets for complete product details and directions for use.

Special Remark-It can be used at any stage of crop growth.

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