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Fertilizer Broadcaster in india

About Fertilizer Broadcaster

Fertilizer Broadcaster is primarily used for spreading the fertilizers in the field. found in two different shapes like Conical Fertilizer Broadcaster and Square Fertilizer Broadcaster. 

Fertilizer Broadcaster Types

Shaktiman Fertilizer Broadcaster 

Shaktiman company manufactures the fertilizer broadcaster machine in two different sizes with the same objective but functions at different levels. One is Shaktiman Conical Fertilizer Broadcaster and the other is Shaktiman Square Fertilizer Broadcaster. 

Conical fertilizer is used for modern farming purposes and is mostly liked by the farmers as it is time-saving, not hazardous to health and more comfortable, and can spread fertilizer in large amounts of land. The distribution is done in a unique way so as to ensure uniform fertilizer spreading. It is made for minor and marginal farmers as its prices are economical. 

Square Fertilizer Broadcaster is mainly designed for spreading granular crystalline fertilizer. It is uniform speed helps in soil fertility. 

John Deere Green System Fertilizer Broadcaster

John Deere Green System Fertilizer Broadcaster is mostly suitable for crops like wheat, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Corn, millets, and other vegetables too. It is suited for all types of soil conditions. 

Hymatic Fertilizer Broadcaster  

Hymatic Fertilizer Broadcaster is a small round cylindrical shaped farm machine. It is produced by Hymatic Agro Pvt. Ltd. Equipment company. The prices are economical. It is widely used for spreading pesticides and fertilizers in a land of smaller areas.

Maschio Gaspardo Fertilizer Broadcaster  

This is known to be the best fertilizer broadcaster launched by Maschio company. They provide all the advanced technology features in all their products with the aim of achieving customer's attention.

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