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Farmtrac 6055 T20
55 HP
John Deere 5305 Trem IV 2WD
55 HP

John Deere

Farmtrac 6055 T20 and John Deere 5305 Trem IV 2WD

Engine rated RPM 1850 RPM 2100 RPM
HP Category 55 HP 55 HP
Displacement CC in 3680 CC N/A
No. of cylinder 4 Cylinder 3 Cylinder
Air Cleaner / Filter Dry Type Dual element N/A
Cooling System Water Cooled N/A
Emission standard Bhart term IIIA N/A
Fuel type Diesel N/A
Fuel Pump Type Inline N/A
Power KW 36.9 KW N/A
stroke in (mm) 122 mm N/A
Bore in (mm) 98 mm N/A
Starter Motor 12 V, 2.2 KW N/A
Hydraulics 1800 N/A
Transmission type Side Shift/Center Shift N/A
No. of gears Forward 16 Forward N/A
No. of gears Reverse 4 Reverse N/A
Speed Forward - kmph 2.7 - 30.7 Kmph N/A
Speed Reverse - kmph 4.4 - 14.4 Kmph N/A
Brakes type Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes Oil immersed brakesSelf adjusting, self equalising, Hydraulically actuated, Oil immersed brakes
clutch type Dual/Independent Clutch Dual Clutch
Gear Box Type 16 Forward + 4 Reverse Constant Mesh 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Front Axle Adjustable Axle N/A
Rear Axle Epicyclic Reduction N/A
Power Take Off
Max PTO (HP) 46.8 HP N/A
PTO RPM @ engine, rpm 540 RPM @1810 RPM N/A
PTO Type Single 540/MRPTO N/A
Steering type Balanced Power Steering N/A
Lifting Capacity Max. 1800 Kg 1600 Kg
3 Point Linkage Cat I & II N/A
Spool Valve Double Acting Spool Valve N/A
Dimensions & Weight
Ground Clearance 430 Nm N/A
Total Weight 2360 Kg 2100 Kg
Turning radius With Brake 4250 Nm N/A
Turning radius Without Brake 3620 mm N/A
Overall Length 3600 mm 3512 mm
Overall Width 1890 mm 1844 mm
Wheel Base 2255 mm 2020 mm
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre Size Front 7.5 x 16 6.0 x 16 8PR, 7.5 x 16,8PR (optional)
Tyre Size Rear 14.9 x 28/16.9 x 28 14.9 x 28 12PR, 16.9 x28 12PR (optional)
Type Front 1385 N/A
Type Rear 1440 N/A
Battery Capacity 12 V, 88 Ah AH N/A
Alternator 12 V, 3 5A N/A
Battery Type Lead Acid N/A

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