Powertrac Tractor Models in india

15.9 K
Powertrac 425 DS
14.5 K
Powertrac 425
14.4 K
Powertrac 425 N
13.9 K
Powertrac 430 Plus
14.0 K
Powertrac Euro 37
14.1 K
Powertrac 435 Plus
13.4 K
Powertrac 437
14.7 K
Powertrac Euro 47
17.1 K
Powertrac Euro 50
14.1 K
Powertrac Euro 55

About Powertrac Tractors

Powertrac is one of the fastest-growing tractor manufacturing brands which is acquiring the Indian tractor share market. This tractor company offers the product by keeping in mind farmers' futures. Powertrac provides the best tractor solutions that will increase the efficiency and speed of their work. Powertrac strongly believes that farmers can use super fast machinery to help them reduce their dependence on old age farming.

Powertrac is involved in the low HP manufacturing tractors to pulling and post-harvesting farming types of equipment. If you want to select both fast farming and multiple operations then Powertrac Tractor is the only solution.

Powertrac Tractor Company Facts

  • Powertrac tractors are made under the Escorts group
  • Powertrac tractors are not the competitor of Farmtrac Tractor
  • Parent of Powertrac Tractor, Escort Group established in 1944.
  • Powertrac focuses only on efficient agriculture friendly tractors.

Powertrac Tractor Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in India

  • Farmer First Strategy
  • Innovative research on each & every tractor part.
  • Low cost and fast tractor production.
  • Produce High power tractors with avg. efficiency.

Powertrac Tractor models in India

Model NameHPCylinderPrice
Powertrac 425 N25 HP2 cylinder4.00 - 4.50 Lac Price
Powertrac 430 PLUS32 HP 3 cylinder4.80 - 5.25 Lac Price
Powertrac Euro 42 PLUS44 HP3 cylinder 5.80 - 6.00 Lac Price
Powertrac Euro 4747 HP3 cylinder5.80 - 6.25 Lac Price
Powertrac Euro 5555 HP4 cylinder7.20 - 7.60 Lac Price
Powertrac Euro 6060 HP4 cylinder6.50 - 8.10 Lac Price

Powertrac Tractor Price

Tractor's prices generally depend upon their performance and speed. Powertrac tractors are affordable easily for Indian farmers. These tractors vary from 4.25 Lac to 8.21 Lac as per their specifications. To know more about on-road Powertrac tractor prices click here.

Powertrac Tractor FAQ

Question: What is the price range of a Powertrac Tractor?

Answer: Range 4.25 Lac to 8.21 Lac

Question: What is the Powertrac Tractor HP range?

Answer: Range 25 HP to 60 HP

Question: Which is the highest price range Powertrac Tractor?

Answer: Powertrac Euro 60 will get up to 8.21 Lac.

Question: Which Powertrac Tractor is the most suitable tractor for agriculture?

Answer: Powertrac Euro 47 is the most suitable tractor for agriculture

Question: Where will we get all the information about the Powertrac Tractor price?

Answer: At KhetiGaadi, you can get all the information about the Powertrac Tractors price list 

and much more information about Powertrac.

Question: Is KhetiGaadi the right place to get the updated Powertrac Tractor price 2020?

Answer: Yes, here on KhetiGaadi you get updated Powertrac Tractor price 2020.

Question:  powertrac tractor company Market Share?

Answer: powertrac tractor company market share will get you in KhetiGaadi's monthly News.

Question: powertrac 439 price 2020 ?

Answer: powertrac 439 price is starts from  Rs. 3.30 Lakh to  Rs.11.90 Lakh.

Question: powertrac tractor price ?

Answer: powertrac price starts from  Rs. 3.30 Lakh to  Rs.11.90 Lakh.

Question: powertrac 439 ds price?

Answer: powertrac 439 ds price starts from ₹  5.25-5.60 Lac

Question: powertrac 434 HP?

Answer: Powertrac 434 has 34 HP.

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