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CLASS India launches its new maize harvester machinery in AP, Telangana

CLASS India launches its new maize harvester machinery in AP, Telangana

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 CLASS Agriculture Machinery India Pvt Ltd, the leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery in India, a wholly owned subsidiary of S 4.5 billion German multinationals, has launched its flagship four-row maize harvester CROP TIGER 40 — M4o machinery here on Tuesday. The machinery would address requirements of farmers growing maize and less than v percent grain damage if utilized this machine for maize harvesting, compared to so to 15 percent loss with most other machines, company sales Head (India and SAARC Nations) Prem Kumar claimed in a press conference on the occasion. Maize harvester machinery offers to thresh of the crop efficiently and gently by Tangential Axial flow (TAF) that delivers excellent quality of grain with negligible breakage, he also claimed. India farmers who are into maize cultivation will tremendously benefit with the arrival of this machine, he said Maize header can be used to harvest Soo acres of maize, and the rest of the year you can use grain header. The price would be between Rs ao-251akhs with maize header and 5 maize harvesters have been sold since September last year in Karnataka, he said we a manufacturing plant in Morinda near Chandigarh in Punjab and this has installed capacity of as-s000 machines per annum. This plant is sufficient to meet the demand in the country and we have no plans to establish a new plant, he clarified. We have 3 dealers in Telangana, one each at Karimnagar, Miryalguda and Hyderabad and 5 dealers in AP including at Vijayawada and Nellore, he informed. The machine takes an hour for one and a half acre, he said CLASS paddy harvesters have 85 percent market share in southern states, while it's multi-crop harvester has a share of 15 percent across pan-India. Government of Karnataka has established 700-800 Custom Hiring Centers and they give a one-time grant to establish a Custom Hiring center, he said on the request of Karnataka government, the company had established its own centers at 35 places and in which 24 in Bider and Is in Gulbarga. We have successfully opened all these centers and 17500 farmers have visited the centers in one year and utilized the machines like seed drill, harvesters on hire and the Karnataka Government was highly appreciative of our effort. he informed. The model is nevertheless successful because farmers can hire the machine, instead of purchasing, they don't need to pay market rates, generally, Centers charge a percent less. said, Prem. We also run 'CLASS DOST Centers to encourage young entrepreneurs in villages to start harvesting business, he said under this, we would provide machines to them with interest-free at ao percent down payment on the total cost of the machine before providing training to them. Over the last 3 years, 75 young beneficiaries were supported through CLASS Dost centers which are operational in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana states. Such centers have 4 in Telangana while 20 in Andhra Pradesh, he added.


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