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31% reduction in sales of Mahindra tractors

31% reduction in sales of Mahindra tractors

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In India, market leader Mahindra Tractor has reported a 31% drop in sales, and sold 19688 tractors in March 2019, whereas in March 2018 it was 28477 tractors. Although Mahindra sold 18446 tractors in India in March 2019, it was 32% less than last year, and in March 2018, Mahindra reported the sale of 27155 tractors. The export of Mahindra Tractors also declined 6%, they exported 1242 tractors in March 2019 and they exported 1,322 tractors in March 2018. Mahindra Tractors Chairman Rajesh Jejurikar said on the change in the sale of Mahindra tractor that due to the sowing of raabi season, the result of the sale of tractor has decreased and the government should pay more attention to this issue.

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