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About Lemken Tractors

Lemken  Implement History  

Wilhelmus Lemken was the founder of the Lemken brand in 1790. Lemken is owned as a family business and very popular across the world. 

Lemken is a German company. In India Lemken Germany established it’s plant in the year 2012 with the capital investment of 100 Crore. Lemken plant is set up in Nagpur,Maharashtra. This plant is a replica of German plant. 

Lemken also manufactures other implements in India and is best in exports to other countries like Germany, Japan, Russia etc. 

Lemken designed their implements according to the requirements of the buyers, size,soil type,etc. 

Lemken Is Best Known For

Best Lemken Implements

OPAL 090-Hydraulic Reversible Plough 

Lemken 090 is designed with optiquick technology which is used for an adjustment centre that allows the tractor and plough in the same line without lateral forces.

Lemken Cultivator ACHAT 70- 6 Tine

Lemken Power Harrow Perlite 5 - 150

Lemken Power Harrow Perlite 5-150 is an excellent seed bed preparation best to work for all soil conditions.

The power harrow may be a versatile and efficient implement used for bed preparation. it mixes and  levels the soil provides the softer look and having granulated however leveled look best appropriate for the sowing. 

The soil is going to be cultivated to an identical operating depth. 

 Lemken power harrow is appropriate for the 40-75 HP vary of tractors.

It levels the surface left by the first soil cultivation uniformly leading to a bed for higher seed germination.

Modular style offers a vertical rotation while not making compaction on the soil or field.

The flow of the soil is regulated by a leveling bar and adjustable holes 

The adequate re-consolidation of the soil is supported by a variable depth management tube bar roller for providing precise operating machines easily. 

An overload protecting system is provided within the PTO shaft to stop implementation from harm.

Each rotor has its own gear & bearings arrangement to create the machine untroubled.

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