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About Kartar Tractors

KARTAR Agro Industries a profoundly rumored Brand with a Meaning, 'The CREATOR', chips away at the accompanying way of thinking. The cycle of 'Ideation, Creation, and Innovation' is the very embodiment needed for a wide range of advancement, improvement, and progress in the business. 

History of Kartar

For the last 35 years, KARTAR Combines stands high as the one of most believed names in the farm implement fabricating and fare. The organization, working in this area since 1975, has acquired an advantageous situation of trust and development among agrarians. The company has given 100% significant innovation to Indian farmers that have enhanced the reap in their fields, and this is the reason we are figured as the pioneer and driving maker and exporter of excellent rural executes. 

Enabled with forefront innovation, amazing exploration offices, and an imaginative business approach, the company offer farmers a wide range of the best quality Multi crop Combine Harvester, track Type Combine Harvester, Knotter, and Rotavator. company’s solid spotlight on understanding innovative difficulties looked by farmers during development, and the company's goal to redesign the equivalent has assisted with arising the main producer, exporter, and provider of these best farming apparatuses like Tractor Mounted Combine Harvesters, Straw Balers, Straw Reapers, Maize Combine Harvesters, Tractor Combine Harvesters, Self-Propelled Combine Harvesters, and so forth 

Why Kartar is Best

From a solitary organization, Kartar conveys the exactness designed scope of agrarian equipment to all the significant business sectors of the world. Kartar's comprehensive methodology towards improving the nature of farming has acquired esteemed honors, for example, the National Award and the Export Award, and State Productivity Award. Kartar likewise holds an ISO 9001:2000 certificate that is an acknowledgment of their worldwide quality principles. KARTAR Combines has become the equivalent for execution and quality. KARTAR Agro Industries was set up in 1975. It has today settled itself as a Leader in the assembling of Self impelled Combine Harvesters in the country. 

The Company has flourished fundamentally as a result of the profound relationship, which they have from the start been sustaining, in the agrarian area, with the farmers. Kartar has consistently understood the company's obligation towards farmers and, in this unique circumstance, their inclusion with them and responsibilities towards item quality have been total. 

Research and Development Department

It is profoundly committed, where the act of spontaneity is consistently a ceaseless cycle. It is beneficial to specify that this serious level of commitment towards reformist cultivating has profited the farmers in their development and improvement of horticulture. This commitment was perceived, and the company won the loftiest National Award, which was introduced to their organizers by the President of India in 1989.

Kartar makes Self-moved Combine Harvesters in four models:

Since the time the commencement of Kartar's Combine Harvester creation at Bhadson in Punjab, the Company has never thought back. Kartar has introduced great quantities of extravagant and imported CNC machines and Plasma machines to acquire ideal exactness on all positions in the creation office.

The interest for Kartar's Harvester Combines has been rising consistently. To oblige this interest, Kartar has fortified our advertising labor just as the business network on All India premise. This is a progressing and consistent cycle. At present Kartar have 41 nos. of vendors all through India to advance deals, render present deals administration, and on stock extra pieces of Kartar Combine Harvesters. 

Kartar Products

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Which type of implements Kartar Offers to Indian farmers?

A. Kartar offers a huge range of farm implements like rotavator, combine harvester, straw reaper, agricultural plough, rake, knotter, and tractor-mounted combine harvester for the Indian agricultural market to fulfill the need of the farmers. 

Q. Which types of Tractors are suitable for Kartar Farm implements?

A. Tractors from 20 Hp to 60 Hp are suitable for Kartar farm implements. 

Q. Is Kartar Trustworthy farm implement Brand?

A. Yes, Kartar is Trustworthy and one of the leading farms that implement brands in India for Indian Farmers.

Q. Which type of implements Kartar offers for harvesting?

A. Kartar offers various types of combine harvester for harvesting purposes.

Q.  What are the Kartar primary tillage implements available in the Indian Market?

A. Kartar offers rotavators, agricultural ploughs as primary tillage implements for Indian farmers to improve soil health.

Q.  Which is the most famous Kartar implement in India?

A. Kartar combine harvester is the most famous Farm implement in India

Q.  Which implements Kartar offers for gardening and horticultural purpose?

A. Kartar offers rake for gardening and horticultural purpose in India.

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