Escorts Powertrac 439-PLUS
41 HP 5.5 Lakh - 6.1 Lakh
Powertrac 439-PLUS
41 HP


Escorts Powertrac 439-PLUS and Powertrac 439-PLUS

Engine type N/A NA
Engine rated RPM 2200 RPM 2200 RPM RPM
HP Category 41 HP 41 HP HP
Displacement CC in 2339 CC 2339 CC CC
No. of cylinder 3 Cylinder 3 Cylinder
Max Torque - Nm N/A NA Nm
Air Cleaner / Filter Oil Bath Type Oil Bath Type
Cooling System Water Cooled Water Cooled
Emission standard N/A NA
Fuel type N/A Diesel
Fuel Pump Type N/A NA
Power KW N/A NA KW
stroke in (mm) N/A NA mm
Bore in (mm) N/A NA mm
Fuel Pump Capacity N/A NA Lit
Dry Weight kg N/A NA Kg
Height N/A NA mm
Starter Motor N/A NA
Accessories N/A NA
Shifting Type N/A NA
Hydraulics N/A 1600 kg - ADDC
Transmission type Constant Mesh With Center Shift Constant Mesh With Center Shift
No. of gears Forward 8 Forward 8 Forward
No. of gears Reverse 2 Reverse 2 Reverse
Speed Forward - kmph 2.6 - 29.6 Kmph 2.6 - 29.6 kmph Kmph
Speed Reverse - kmph 3.2 - 9.9 Kmph 3.2 - 9.9 kmph Kmph
Brakes type N/A Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brakes
clutch type Single Clutch / Dual optional Single/Dual Clutch Optional
Gear Box Type N/A 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Front Axle Straight/Bend Axle Option Straight/Bend Axle Option
Rear Axle Inboard Reduction Inboard Reduction
Power Take Off
Max PTO (HP) N/A 38.9 PTO HP HP
PTO RPM @ engine, rpm 1800 RPM 540 PTO @ engine RPM 1800 RPM
PTO Type Single 540 Single 540
PTO Speed N/A NA
Steering Column N/A NA
Steering type Mechanical Single drop arm option Power Steering / Mechanical Single Drop Arm Option
Lifting Capacity Max. 1500 Kg 1600 kg - ADDC Kg
3 Point Linkage N/A NA
Spool Valve N/A NA
Type N/A NA
Dimensions & Weight
Ground Clearance 400 Nm 400 mm Nm
Total Weight 1850 Kg 1850 kg Kg
Turning radius With Brake N/A NA Nm
Turning radius Without Brake N/A NA mm
Overall Length 3225 mm 3225 mm mm
Overall Width 1750 mm 1750 mm mm
Wheel Base 2010 mm 2010 mm mm
Wheels & Tyres
Tyre Size Front 6.0x16 6.0 x 16 mm
Tyre Size Rear 13.6x28 12.4 x 28 / 13.6 x 28 mm
Type Front N/A NA
Type Rear N/A NA
Battery Capacity 12 V 75 AH 12 V 75 Ah AH
Alternator 12 V 36 12 V 36 A
Battery Type N/A NA

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