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DASMESH Group has production facilities dedicated specially to cater to Domestic as well as Export markets. The production processes at each of the manufacturing stage involves minute details through advance planning integrated with most advanced and sophisticated machinery. With the advent of new Technology & Processes in the field of Manufacturing it is always required to keep pace with the fast changing world and compete in the International Markets. DASMESH Management with this Vision in mind and equipped with wings of Modern Technology took a giant leap by setting up two completely new state of the art Technology Manufacturing Plants; one for the Combine Harvesters (Including Self Propelled Combine Harvesters, Track Combine Harvesters, and Tractor Driven Combine Harvesters) and one more similar plant for manufacturing of Straw Reaper, Laser Land Leveller, Rotavator and Roto Seed Drill etc. These ultra modern Manufacturing Facilities facilitated us to have better controls over the Quality and Cost. Also it enhanced our Supply-Chain Management, which in fact has been backbone of any industry for that matter.

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DASMESH Mechanical Works Pvt. Ltd.

Raikot Road, Malerkotla, Distt. Sangrur, Punjab, INDIA. Pincode - 148023.


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