Essential Tips to Buy a New Tractor

Essential Tips to Buy a New Tractor

Tractors are already playing an important part in the green revolution but to feed the increasing population of India, so high productivity is the only solution to this major challenge. Around 70% of Indian farmers are marginal farmers so it is very important that, Farmer should choose tractor according to their budget, cropping pattern implements to attach. Moreover, tractors and other tractor implements have given the responsibility of achieving a dream of 100% mechanization in Indian agriculture.

1. Considering facts while choosing New tractors

  • Type of Tractor
Choose tractor between compact utility tractor, garden tractor depending upon your needs, cropping system and pattern. The compact tractor will be preferable if you have any orchards, otherwise, we recommend you buy higher horsepower tractor.
  • Horsepower¬†
If your soil is hard then go with tractors higher than 45 horsepower but keep in mind that higher HP tractor will consume more fuel also maintenance cost will be more as compared to compact tractors.
  • Type of Work
Taking into considerations, the type of you want from your machine will help you choose the perfect model and variant for you.
  • Rotavator
If you are spending more time in the field with rotavator then we will recommend you buy multi-speed PTO tractor.
  • Threshing
If you will be using Thresher and straw reaper with your tractor, will found reverse speed PTO option very helpful.
  • Haulage
For haulage type of work, you should buy a tractor with rear tire of 16.9*28. It will be useful in haulage activity if your tractor has company fitted dual spool valve
  • PTO Work
If you are using a tractor for pump sets it will be beneficial to buy tractor which has economy PTO option. Most of the John Deere  not offered economy and reverse PTO in the same Model you have to choose between them.
  • Heavy Work
Tasks like loading and dozing require precision hydraulics and more engine Power so tractors above 55 HP will give you strong results for this type of work.
  • 4 Wheel Drive
Many tractor models come with 4wheel drive option, you will find a huge difference in pricing of 2wheel drive and 4-wheel drive variant. Operations like puddling, spraying, heavy haulage, the loader will become easier with 4wheel drive option. But for an easy task like thresher, straw reaper, pump set does not require more action like 4wheel drive does.

2. Consider Finance Options 

Purchasing a new or latest tractor requires a lot of initial investment so look out for the finance options available. Also comparing interest rates can save your money. You can get finance from nationalized banks as well as private finance companies. Also, ask your dealer for any government schemes will give any concessions in price.

3. Get information about all tractor brands

After deciding the HP segment, you can contact various dealers near you and ask them for tractor demo. If you are getting confused into two tractors you can compare tractors specification so that it will help to make the final decision

4. Service and spare parts

All machines require maintenance after a specific period and changing consumable parts, of course, tractor has. Breakdown tractor in season can cost you more so that the availability of spare parts in the nearby area is very important.

5. Take your own time

Sometimes dealers give you huge discounts on some tractor models and forces you to take a discounted model instead of you want. Be aware of these things before purchasing a tractor, as you Have to invest a minimum of 4 lakhs in it. Buying a new tractor can be a great deal for farmers, considering the above-mentioned points while buying can helpful to farmers. You can find the best tractor for you on Visit our page for more information about Tractor, Agricultural implements, Tractor Price, Tractor Videos, and Tractor Games.


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