Top 5 Tractor Tyres Brands In India

Top 5 Tractor Tyres Brands In India

In every vehicle, tires are a very essential and important part to run the vehicle. To achieve farming and construction goals, the tires of tractors should be well built. In this blog, you will come across the top five brands that came into existence in India.

In the farming sector, there are different types of tires used for multiple agriculture purposes. For suitable performance in the field, different companies produce different categories of tires fixed with the tractors. The tires are designed with good quality features and are available in all places of India. Farmers choose different sizes of tires for different farm uses. 

The important segment for any vehicle is the tire. Tires come in different brands in the market You can choose according to your own choice. These products come at different ranges and at different prices.

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MRF Tyres

Madras Rubber Factory is an Indian pioneer industry specially designed with highly attractive agriculture, construction, and mining tires for different farm practices. It offers a well-balanced, traction, and performance. The company was established in Madras and is known to be the sixth-largest producing company and the first Indian company that produces large varieties of tires at different patterns. MRF tires are the most popular tires amongst consumers. It is the first company that produces tires in the USA. 

MRF tires are robust built, best-quality product tires that are easily available to the farmers at an economical price.

Some of the popular MRF tractor tires in India are MRF Pehalwan, MRF Power Tiller(Shakti) 6.00-12, MRF Shakti Life 14.9-28, MRF Shakti Super 12.4-28, MRF Trailer 707(Shakti).

MRF Tyres brand produces robust, quality Tyres at a reasonable price for farmers. MRF Tyre brand has eased the work and increased the productivity of farmers. 

JK Tyres 

In the tractor tire industry one of the most prominent names that differ from other tire brands is JK Tyres. JK tyres is also an Indian multi-industry company whose headquarter is located in Mumbai, Kanpur, and Mumbai. The company is owned by Lala Jugggilal Singhania and Lala Kamlapat Singhania. 

Popular JK Tractor Tires In India are JK Tyre Prithvi, JK Tyre Shrestha, JK Tyre Sona, JK Tyre Agrigold, etc.

Apollo Tractor Tyres

Apollo Tyres is a profound brand company that highlights the various features assembled with the tractor tires. One of the seventh-largest producing companies across the globe offers a variety of agriculture-friendly tires that run smoothly in different fields and roads.

An Indian tire manufacturing company Apollo established in Gurugram, Haryana in 1972. Now, the company has expanded its plant and producing units in India, including Netherlands and Hungary. 

Apollo tire brand company has produced various tire sizes including front or rear and is easily available at all places of India. With the effective quality of tires, it comes with impressive grips and smooth functioning on the field. 

Some of the Popular Apollo Tractor Tires Model Names 

Apollo Tractor Tires produces excellent varieties of tractor tires with excellent features and specifications. Some of them are Agrex85, FX 212, Apollo Farmking,  Apollo Krishak Gold,  FX 515, etc. 

BKT Tractor Tyres

One of the most reliable industries based in Mumbai, India is Balkrishna Industries Limited that produces superior quality tires for low-power tractors, compact tractors, high-power tractors, 2 wheel drive tractors, sprayers, harvesters, cotton pickers, and spreaders. The company produces different types of tire sizes easily available in India. 

BKT tires are especially suitable for various purposes in special segments like mining, gardening, earthmoving, and for agriculture purposes. BKT tires are built with well-being and are specially produced for the farmers to make the work easy. 

Popular BKT Tyres are Agrimax Elos, BKT Commander, BKT Tyre Commander, BKT Farm. 

Birla Tyres 

Birla Tyres is one of the fastest-growing tires industries in the field of automation industry that produces different categories of tyres for commercial vehicles, farm vehicles, motorcycles, heavy earthmoving machinery, etc. The best suitable Birla tires for the use of farm practices are Birla Tyres CHAKRA, Birla Tyres FRAM HAUL PLATINA, Birla Tyres SHAAN, etc. 

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