Top 10 TAFE Tractor Models 2021

Top 10 TAFE Tractor Models 2021

TAFE- Tractor And Farm Equipment Limited company is inaugurated in India, headquartered in Chennai. TAFE company is the second-largest company in India and the third-largest company in the world in terms of manufacturing units of tractors.

TAFE introduces and produces the world first-class quality in its product and design mainly keeping in mind the farmer’s requirement and productivity for agricultural and commercial purposes.

Here in this blog, I will be telling you about TAFE top ten tractor models that hit the market in 2021.


Tafe 45 DI is well produced with advanced features and technology. It arrived with a 46 HP power engine. TAFE 45 DI is excellent in working with implements like potato planter, disc plough, potato harvester, etc.

Due to its higher mileage, it is well accommodated with the work for various agricultural fields. The 2 wheel drive tractor can load 1450 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity. Farmers will use this tractor model to accomplish their farm activity tasks.

TAFE 5900 DI

Tafe 5900 DI is a 56 HP tractor that generates RPM. This tractor is easy to operate and easy to work with it. It can work smoothly even in rough and tough areas.

Tafe 5900 DI is likely known for a lifting capacity of 2050 KG. This is smooth in functioning and best in production. The price of Tafe 5900 DI is economical and affordable for the farmers.

TAFE 30 DI Orchard Plus

Farmers the best in demand of Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus tractor for its features and specifications. This tractor is widely good for crops like wheat, sugarcane and rice.

Also, it is suitable to perform with implements like cultivator, rotavator, planter, plough, etc. Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus is strong in lifting capacity by 1100 Kg. Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus is the fastest in speed and also runs for longer hours due to the highest fuel tank capacity. This tractor model comes with a utility and comfort zone. Tafe 30 DI Orchard Plus price is economical.

Tafe 35 DI

Thinking about the purchase of Tafe 35 DI tractor model for small agriculture farmland operations then TAFE 35 DI is the best option to purchase the tractor that works smoothly with higher efficiency, greater mileage, more productivity and more efficient usage.

The 36 HP tractor is good at loading 1100 Kg of lifting capacity. This tractor is also provided with accessories like drawbar, front weight, rear-wheel weight, etc. It is good at implements like potato planter, plough, harvester, etc.

Tafe Tractors 241

TAFE 241 DI is suitable for various agricultural implements to make the work easier. TAFE 241 is suitable for implements like potato harvester, potato planter, Power harrow, Disc Harrow, etc. It is mostly liked by the farmers due to its longer working duration especially in fields like potato cultivation.

TAFE 5450 DI

Tafe 5450 DI has arrived with an excellent power engine of 51 HP. It is a 2 wheel drive tractor. This tractor is suitable for various farm activities including commercial and agricultural purposes. Tafe 5450 DI is suitable for heavy implements.

It is known for the highest performance in the field. It is more effective and productive in usage for farmers. It gains the attention of the customers while working for longer hours of operation.

TAFE 5900 DI 4WD

The 5900 DI is a 4 wheel drive tractor that is basically provided with advanced features to provide comfort to the farmers. The 5900 DI stops easily ready to work in the hardness of the land also suitable for marginal farmers in operating various tasks.

It is a standard tractor model that arrives with classic features and performs excellently on the field. The 5900 DI 4 WD model has a deluxe seat, mobile charging system facility for the operator.

TAFE 7502 DI

The 7502 DI is excellent and the greatest in mileage. It is a 71 HP tractor that is mostly in demand amongst the farmers for greater operations. The 7502 DI is considerable for the farmers that need longer working hours with great efficiency and more mobility.

It is a reliable tractor that comes with features like a dual-clutch system, wet disc brakes, power steering system, lifting hydraulic capacity of 2050 Kg. The 7502 DI is provided with utility and more comfortability.

TAFE 8502

TAFE 8502 is a 4 wheel drive tractor available in red colour. It is highest in engine power and best suitable for economic fields. Farmers love to purchase this tractor because it works smoothly even in wet type areas of agricultural fields.

It is suitable for working with higher implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough, etc. The company provides a facility for providing optional accessories like tools, rear-wheel weight, front-wheel weight, etc but the prices also go high as the demand for accessories increases.

TAFE 9502 4WD

The highest power engine of 90 HP with a 4 wheel drive tractor is equipped with 4 cylinders, dry type air filter feature, 12 forward and 6 reverse gears, total weights 3350 Kg, also provided with accessories like FRP sun canopy. This tractor model is the greatest and highest in a performance that is cost-effective and can operate multiple tasks at one.

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