Top Ten Solis Tractors In 2021

Top Ten Solis Tractors In 2021

In the field of the Tractor industry, Solis is considered to be the best tractor company regarding its features and introduces the first CRDI technology in tractors.

Since the company is based in India and focused on manufacturing the best tractors keeping in mind the farmer’s demand for the tractors according to the requirement in the agricultural field.

The company produces tractor implements, engines, diesel engines, auto components, etc.

Solis Tractor company is a part of International Tractor Ltd. Group. Solis all tractor models are attractive in the field of the agriculture sector.

In this blog, we have listed out the top ten Solis Tractors in 2021.

Solis Yanmar

Solis Yanmar tractors believe in productivity. It is also important in performing the rough and high tasks in agricultural fields.

The Solis Yanmar tractor is provided with advanced technology to work with higher efficiency. The fuel engine capacity is maximum to work for a longer duration.

Solis 5015 E

Solis 5015 E is an ergonomically designed tractor. It is perfect in seating and best in operation. This tractor is best used for reaper applications.

Solis 5015 E 4 WD

With the highest power engine of 50 HP tractor, Solis 5015 E 4WD performs superbly in the field. It is a 4 wheel drive tractor that is best suitable in both agricultural and commercial fields.

Its multidisc oil-immersed brakes are best suitable for smooth operation. Additional features like LED lights in the front grill improves the efficiency of the tractor.

Solis tractor 50 HP prices are economical and easy to purchase by the farmers.

Solis 4515 E 4WD

Solis 4515 E is a 4 Wheel Drive tractor that is suitable to work in all agricultural activities.

The 48 HP tractor is perfect for handling all kinds of implements and applications. It is provided with 5 years of warranty.

Solis 6024 S

Solis 6024 S is the highest mileage tractor with 60HP. This tractor needs low maintenance and the best fuel tank capacity.

Solis 6024 S is provided with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. Solis 6024 S price is economical and costs Rs 8.70 Lac.

Solis 4515 E

Solis 4515 E is efficient in mileage, known for higher efficiency, better results, and perfect operation.

Solis 4515 E is provided with 5 years of warranty. It is economical in price and costs Rs 7.60 Lac. It can work for long hours due to higher fuel capacity.

Solis 4215 E

Solis 4215 E is perfect for designing. The smart and attractive looks of the tractor influence purchasing the tractor.

The ADDC hydraulic capacity can easily handle the implements. Solis 4215 E model is good in performing agricultural activities hence it is best in operations.

Solis 4215 E 4WD

Solis 4215 E is also available in a 4 wheel drive option. It is provided with a 5-year warranty.

Solis 4215 E 4WD is good for agricultural activities and best in performance. It is known for its strong lifting capacity.

Solis S 90

Solis S 90 comes under the wide range of Solis. It is well suitable for performance. Solis 90 is excellent in performance.

It is always liked by the small farmers. It is unique in design and capable of producing.

It is good for carrying heavy loaders and other applications as well. It is a utility tractor best suitable for smooth functioning.

Yanmar Solis 24

Yanmar Solis 24 is a newly launched tractor with 24 HP. It is a compact tractor.

IT works smoothly and efficiently even in rugged and tough areas. In the category of the mini tractor, Yanmar Solis performs best designed with durability, weight, and simplicity.

It can easily work for a long day due to efficient fuel capacity. This tractor is best suitable for loader lifting capacity. This newly launched tractor provides the best in every field.

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